remorse or faith today in minneapolis

I can choose remorse over saying yes to my daughter and going to Los Angeles, being inspired, feeling freedom, feeling love, for four glorious days, because I shouldn't have spent the money.

But money is not going to bully me. 

I am going to look up from the bank statements and see that the life I want is here.

I am going to look up from my head down worrying and head down praying, look up and say Hallelujah to the beauty all around me!

Tomorrow we leave in the camper van for the Northwoods Tour!

I've got enough for gas and a few sandwiches, and I renewed my AAA roadside assistance membership!

The shows are the 5th, the 7th, the 9th.

The shows will hopefully cover expenses, pay Rob to be gone a week from his studio work, and help me keep going.

(If you know anyone on Lake Vermilion, Silver Bay/Beaver Bay, or in Grand Marais, tell them about my shows!)

No more praying out of petrified fear, "Please God help me".

I am going to pray for the guidance to see how I can best use my life in the world.

I see the light all around me.

I am not waiting, hoping, praying for the light.

The light is here.

The prayer is how best to use my life in the light.

Money continues to fall into place as needed.

Money cannot be the ruler.

Ambition cannot be the ruler.

The ruler is love and the love is only present when I am grateful and see that the light is here.

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