I rehearsed last night with Rob Genadek, for new readers he's the music producer I work with and also the drummer in my band.

He and I are going to play as a duo tomorrow, Sunday the 31st at The Dakota Jazz Club, opening the show for Peter Himmelman.

Peter wrote the advance praise blurb that was used for the back of my first "Sidney" novel.

Peter is also married to Maria Dylan (as in Bob Dylan).

Maria and I went to the same college during the same years but I never met her even though I was given several opportunities...but that's all in book two of the "Sidney" series and hopefully it'll be publisher some day soon so you can read al about that then.

Anyway, this opportunity to open for Peter and play for Peter's audience is special for me in a lot of ways, none the least being that he is Bob Dylan's son in law.

We rehearsed last night and a big part of the duo rehearsal was choosing the songs. I only get a half hour to show who I am and invite them into my world, and they've come for Peter not for me so it won't be easy.

Or maybe it will be.

I'm a people pleaser.

I try hard to connect.

But the music has to sound good and the songs have to be good and what they see when they look up at the stage has to appeal to them.

And of course there's the question of whether to play my song "Married To Bob" which begins with the shocking lie, "I was married to Bob Dylan back in nineteen-seventy-eight".

I'm going to play it!

Hopefully some day soon I'm going to open the show for Monsieur Dylan himself and play that song.

Then my life will be complete.

We are also working up a very small version on acoustic guitar and tambourine or bells and shakers of "Stupid With Your Love" that sounds more like the "Unplugged" version on my red vinyl records for those of you who've heard the "Red Letter Day Unplugged" recordings.

So, it should be a really positive half hour that will hopefully introduce my music to some new ears.

We rehearse again tonight.

Have a great day!

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