Yesterday the publisher who published the first "Sidney" book said that she is unable to fund the publication of the second book in my four book series.

That's okay.

She will keep the first Sidney book and keep it in print she says. 

That's sort of okay too.

I really want a bigger stronger publisher to pick up the series and really run with it now. I sold close to fifty books just on my own in the month of August between my shows in Europe and the book signing I did up on Lake Vermilion over Labor Day. I've been told that's a lot of books...especially when the book's been out for over a year and especially when I have had no advertising or publicity or booking support whatsoever during this period from the publisher. I sold books on my own and it worked!

So the big question on the morning after a piece of new information like this is, what next?

I want a big strong company to work with me and put out the rest of my Sidney series. I want someone to help me publish my little handmade books...for now I am making a whole bunch of them to sell at shows over the next few months on my own. And one idea for the little handmade books is to make them into a real big book with chapters that are each of the little book length, but I don't know yet about that.

I want to go to New York City and find a real literary agent and get this party started!


I am going to be mindful and watchful and thoughtful and ready but I am not going to push or jump too soon or slap something together or force something to work. 

I have learned that Time is the Revelator, and only time will tell.

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