real life

Back to real life after a day of reveling over a night of new high highs.

This is the week I rake out the garden in back of the house where I live, where I lovingly planted Spring bulbs last Fall in hopes of being delighted by their little heads popping up right now. So I have to get out there and rake away the leaves and twigs of winter and see if they've survived.

This is also the week I learn how to use turbotax and do my own taxes.

After slaying my audit last year, I feel a renewed sense of confidence. If I can represent myself in a three year, in depth, audit of taxes that were done for me by a very expensive professional accountant, I can now hopefully take all that I've learned and do the taxes myself. We shall see.

This is also the week I begin my Minnehaha Falls work out program that I loved last summer.

The steps at the Falls have been roped off all winter, and rightly so because they were covered with ice.

But I walked over there with my dog Aidan and my daughter Nina and I see now that they're open again.

I like to jog over there and then run down the steps on one side and up the other side and then do it again back the other way and then jog home.

It's about twenty steps on either side and they're pretty steep.

Maybe this year I can add a third time up and down.

I'm positive it's good for your heart.

If you have asthma like I do it's also very good for expanding your breathing, which is good for singing.

And it makes your thighs look good.

I also have to design some posters today for my shows in July in Ely, MN.

The publicity people up there want promotional materials this week.

They have a big festival in Ely called Blueberry Days or something like that, and I'm doing a book signing, a solo acoustic appearance, and a big evening concert July 25-26 up there.

I'm excited because I love it up there so much.

Okay, that's a lot to do.

Let's get to work!

Life is beautiful!

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