Progress is being made

I'm excited about the future because of how my show went last night.

I played and sang well.

Having Rob along as an accompanist on drums and backing vocals seemed like a true divine luxury after having played so many solo shows lately.

The fairly small Riverview Cafe was completely full, standing room only. The audience was there for the music and they were really listening; it isn't a dinner place. I was able to put on a real concert and it was treated like a concert by everyone.

What a privilege! What a delight! 

Magic Marc Percansky is also a real Master Of Ceremonies. He brings his whole self to his speaking and he spoke about the music in general and about the process of writing the Ruby song specifically. 

I've never heard such a good introduction about my music and my self as I heard from Magic Marc last night.

What a privilege! What a delight!

I hope and pray and envision so many more shows of this caliber played in bigger and bigger venues for more and more wonderful people like the people who were at the show last night.

The future is bright!

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