preparing for this tour

Let's see, what do we have left to do before we leave on this second tour in Europe of 2018?

We've been in Rob's recording studio every evening working on my new cover tunes album.

We love it.

Rob has to mix the songs, which requires some late night hours because we are doing this project speculatively so his paying clients get the prime time hours. The mixing process for a great producer like Rob means going over everything with a fine tooth comb to be sure the result is just what we were hoping for.

We will be burning the cds ourselves on Rob's machine at the studio, or on an attachment for my laptop at the house.

We hope to make about one hundred and fifty to sell on tour.

We have a printer that will print our cd design onto plain white cds so I don't know which process happens first but it's a two part thing to make the cds themselves.

I have to get the cd cover and back cover printed on plain paper and then cut them and stuff them into clear velum sleeves we purchased for this project.

I am writing as many handmade little books as I can as well.

I hope to have a collection of maybe thirty of these for the merch table.

We've rented a bigger car because we have a superfan tour manager riding along on the tour this time.

Petra lives in Bremen and she'll be accompanying us, introducing the concert each night in German!

Also, she will be passing the hat for us, and managing the merch table.

We love that she's willing to do all this and be part of this very DIY tour.

We won't have a home base on this tour, which is better because we will just stay where we play and won't drive as much to get back to a home base we are paying for somewhere else.

But it also means we are living out of our car and counting on the venues primarily to provide us with a place to sleep each night after the show.

This tour is about trust.

I am trusting Rob, Petra, the venue owners, the fans.

One of our wonderful German friends has offered us a room in her flat to come back to if we need it throughout the tour.

This is our landing net.

This tour is about trust.

It's like throwing my body out into my crowd and believing they will hold me up and help me achieve this dream.

It feels right.



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