Porchfest in Minneapolis last night was a blast!

Wow, I had such a fun night last night in the Minneapolis neighborhood known as East Harriet playing an event they call Porchfest.

I was lucky to be playing two performances at two different houses so I got a good feel for the whole thing.

This was a rescheduled event from July when big storms came through and the event had to be cancelled.

The new date was not as well publicized and there was talk at the beginning that the separate little events scattered around the neighborhood may not get much of an audience pulled together.

My first show was at 6pm sharp and I think people were still getting home from work or eating dinner, so although there were people, and nice fun people at that, my feeling was hat the evening was just getting going and I was just sort of priming the pump.

I played both performances with just the Black Martin, as he is officially being called these days, and with no microphone or any electricity at all. Blissful quiet as people sat on lawn chairs and I played my songs, no amplification needed.

I sold one of my "Sidney" books to a person who was not from the neighborhood but had come especially to see me, and that guy bought my new album too. Thanks guy! I hope you love what you bought.

A few others bought cds as well and I left feeling happy, set to play the next house.

The second house had their event set up in their back patio area which gave a bit more of a concert feel.

I was their third of three songwriters performing, all were acoustic guitar and without a microphone.

I got to hear the girl before me perform the second half of her set and she was captivating and clever with her lyrics and her delivery.

I liked her a lot.

She brought her own fan club too, which was cool.

There were maybe thirty people at this second house.

So I got to play last, and as I started in playing my first song, I felt immediately that this was a chance to do a real concert. People were silent and calm, nobody seemed like they had anywhere they would rather be. That's a great feeling when everybody is right there with you. So I decided to give them the full Courtney Yasmineh concert that I usually reserve for the bigger shows when I have the touring duo with Rob G on stage. I usually tell my stories and really present the songs with more integrity in the duo concerts. But this is the great thing about last night: I played the solo patio set as if it were the duo show and it worked. I have always thought I need Rob there to make my performance good enough to really connect at a very strong frequency with an audience, and these people were all total strangers, no one had barely even heard of me before last night. But my solo concert delivery worked. A breakthrough!

I sold four books and many cds. I autographed everybody's stuff they bought. The owners invited me into their house afterwards and I told them about my house concerts and said that maybe they would consider doing a house concert with me this winter.

So, a successful and really uplifting night, playing as part of a small neighborhood event, which held no guarantees of greatness, but ended up being GREAT!

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