Planning for the Southwest Tour!

My inkling of an idea about heading to Austin TX for SXSW is developing into a plan.

Several aspects have become clear.

My daughter Nina is coming with me and she's going to perform her own songs on acoustic guitar as well.

She and I have never done shows together and never toured together.

I am thrilled.

Rob and my dog Aidan are staying home, which has never happened before either, but Aidan is too old to travel like that anymore.

He has taken planes trains and automobiles for his mother's career all his life, sometimes several plane trips a year to New York from Minneapolis. But now he gets to stay home with his favorite guy and take it easy. He'll go to the studios with Rob too, which he loves to do.

I tried to get a car dealership endorsement because I've heard of artists getting such things, but I was not successful.

We'll be taking my Jeep which has 110,000 miles, but hey, what's another few thousand then, right?

I've been waitlisted at SXSW for the Red Gorilla Stage solo showcases on three days in Austin.

We have shows, nice paying shows, in Santa Fe, Denver, and Boulder. 

We'll be staying with my daughter Ava once we reach Denver.

The part that is not ironed out is what we'll do on the way down to Austin, and where we'll stay in Austin.

One idea is to try to set up a house concert in Chicago to kick off the tour.

I will work on that idea today.

After that we would head to Nashville because neither of us have ever been there.

I am praying that a small show and a place to stay for the night will materialize in Nashville.

I'm going to work on that today as well.

Lastly, I think we'll launch a kickstarter funding campaign for a fairly low amount to ask for support of fans to get us to Austin and back.

That will happen closer to the actual departure date.

Depending on my success getting something for Chicago and Nashville, we'll leave around March 13 and return March 27, which is two weeks.

It's a solid plan.

I'll have all my merch and my books, plus a good selection of my handmade little books to sell.

We're thinking of making some hand painted white t shirts as well to commemorate the tour, to give to people who host us, and to sell at shows.

Okay, these are the plans, hopes, and possibilities as of this morning.

This feels very scary to me, but also it feels like a dream come true, a new way of life, a bigger than ever way of sharing my music and my artistry.

If you aren't scared to death you aren't reaching high enough...or something like that.

Snow again today in Minnesota.

We're off to do another photo shoot at 8am.

Love to you!

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