personal style is cooler than fashion

In my humble opinion, personal style is cooler than fashion every time.

When Scott Schuman started doing his Sartorialist blog in NYC, the people he photographed were all personal style.

Some of Scott's followers, maybe myself included, thought that Scott became more fashion industry minded as his blog became more and more famous.

I remember one of his photos where he had become the arbiter of good taste and was commenting on what the exact length of a man's dress shirt should be beneath his suit coat. Scott was getting dictatorial on his followers it seemed to me.

But then Scott went to some exotic places and photographed people wearing original and beautiful combinations of all sorts of things. He branched out geographically and sartorially, and he gave us all something to think about when it comes to clothing.

When fashion dictates then it's no fun. When people who love fashion start telling everyone what's classy and what's trashy, they take all the fun out of it.

The indigenous peoples of the world have often dressed with great creativity and flare. Photos taken in the early nineteen hundreds of Native American women and men show their majestic attention to detail. Their use of sueded leather and fringe and beads is still just about as wonderful as it gets to my way of thinking as far as fashion goes.

In a parallel universe there is, for me, the punk black leather and silver studs styles that are supremely urban and make me think of New York and London.

A black leather jacket with a tulle skirt, or tutu, is one of my favorite combos for stage wear.

I love when great fashion designers take street or indigenous elements and make them into a head to toe ensemble that works for modern life. 

I don't love when wealthy women buy the whole thing from the designer and just walk around in somebody else's concept. And then the next season they buy a whole new concept head to toe from somebody else and just wear somebody else's idea all over again.

The fact is that human beings had to design clothing from necessity. We don't have fur. We're the only creature on Earth that has to put something on to protect our bodies in most of the places where we live. Okay, hermit crabs do too.

So, like it or not, you get dressed every day. And every one of us is making choices. Some are dictated by cost, but wearing your hair long or short, tied up or hanging long, which t shirt with which slogan printed on the front, some of these choices are allowed to most anyone at any budget. 

One of the homeless guys in my neighborhood in New York wore bright colored pipe cleaners twisted in his long hair. It looked cool.

I want to feel free to wear whatever makes me feel free. 

If I want to wear flowers in my hair I don't want to end up not wearing them when I leave the house because I'm afraid someone will look at me with mockery in their eyes.

I want to be brave.

I won't mock those who wear something that makes them seem a slave to fashion. I won't discredit someone who does not exercise their creativity in their choices of clothing. I won't criticize anyone, for anything, because we are all trying to survive either psychologically or monetarily or both.

I'll just walk around in my tutus and my flowers and my fringe jackets and my black leather with studs, and mind my own business.



Courtney May 07, 2018 @01:31 pm
Petra! Josephine! You two are both individualists! Love!
Petra Schmidt May 07, 2018 @12:50 pm
Break the rules! If you like it, wear it! Every person is unique.
Josephine Lane May 07, 2018 @09:59 am
I like your style. Just another aspect of being creative.
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