patrons for individual projects

I want a handful of great people to sign up as patrons for a few projects I want to do in Mpls this Fall and Winter.

The patron gets to be involved in the planning sessions and the execution of the project. 

The patron puts up some $$ as a one time donation to help fund the project, that's why they're called the patron.

Here are the projects, in case you'd like to be the patron of any of these.

--I want to collaborate on a set of performance clothes with a Minneapolis based fashion designer who is getting very good press.I have the woman in mind that I'd like to work with and I think it would be very one-woman-show to have stage clothing that is more theatrical and do some readings and solo acoustic performances that highlight the coat and dress. That's probably what it would be: a coat of many colors and a fabulous mini dress with a long train in the back.


--I want to collaborate with a student from the MCAD film department to make a new music video for my latest album "High Priestess And The Renegade".  The patron and the film student could pick the song and work on the concept with me and ideally the video would be part animation, part footage of me. My new album doesn't have a youtube presence beyond the first Tower Card lyrics video because I haven't had funding to move forward on music videos yet.

--I want to figure out how to print my small handmade books that I have been making one by one on small Moleskine unlined journals. There is one fan and supporter already interested in helping brainstorm about how to make this project a reality in terms of logistics. This project will need a patron. If you've already been an appreciator of the small handmade books I've been doing maybe this is your project.

--I want to try to retrieve my lost cover tune recordings from the ether and put out that album. We need $500 to send the files to LA where there is an expert who says there's a 70% chance he can retrieve the lost recordings. If he can't he doesn't charge the full amount. Once we find out whether they're retrievable, we can move forward with a plan of how to make that dream project a reality.

--I want to write the 20-25 page sample of writing and turn it in to complete the McKnight Foundation Grant I am applying for......oh.....that's one can help me with this one.....I just have to get writing.....which is what I'm going to work on later today....I solemnly swear.

So, let me know if you think any of this would be fun for you. If you can't be a patron, you can always be a supporter and just cheer on these projects and more and I promise you, your emotional support is worth a great deal to me and keeps me going. Truth. 

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