overlooking the Apple River

I played from 2 to 5 yesterday, but then some more fun people came and they asked if I would play longer and they threw some extra money in my tip jar so I played til 6.

That's a lot of time out on the patio singing.

I have figured out how to position myself in the shade for the whole afternoon, and I had a nice tall stool to sit on.

I enjoy it so much more than I would enjoy any other job.

I'm outside looking out over a natural shoreline of a sweet river, deer and so many birds, and turtles, all coming by to say hello.

Really fun human beings arriving in a states of undress and inebriation.

What I like best is that there's a pattern to my performances there right now.

First a new group comes strolling in and they order a bunch of food and drinks and they're all talking and kind of ignoring me.

Then I do some song that catches their ears.

Then someone from the group starts getting curious, like, "Who are you? Where are you from?"

Eventually I always end up selling them my books and my albums and they become real fans and we are all sorry when it's over.

They start to believe in me as an artist.

They say stuff to me like, "You're gonna make girl, you really are."

I love them all.

Great people.

I love that singing songs on my guitar is the best thing I can do for people.

I love that.

Today I'm free, no obligations except to keep typing up my songs for my new band guys.

And as usual, keep chipping away at my new songs, always running in the back of my mind now.

Love to you!

Happy Sunday!

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