Our "Bury Me" video

The Bury Me video that Steven Cohen made with me is getting some love from Minneapolis City Pages magazine.

We filmed it on the frozen tundra..said only half in jest..of January in Minneapolis...complete with frozen lake film shoot, frozen rooftop performance, frozen fingers, frozen camera lens, and general freezing of everybody's asses off.  Steve Cohen was a hero about the whole thing and he made my dream come true.  That's what a great collaboration can do for you...whether its a professional pairing or a personal one, when the stars align, the collaboration becomes more than the sum of its parts.

I am satisfied that I got my revenge on the march of progress that makes places we love disappear before our eyes....change is all around us and we make change too....I remember reading that beavers are the only other creature besides humans who can radically change their environments.....and they make change with their teeth!  and their little paws!....there are all kinds of spiritual and philosophical quotes meant to inspire us to embrace change.  I agree with all that. And also, there are times when you can take a few minutes to honor something you loved that is now lost.  For me, the song shoots a few arrows back at the change makers and gives me the satisfaction of saying, "you can take this place I love away from me, but you're going to have to come back here to scatter my ashes because I will return to claim this place..even if its in death."

The place is a lake close to the Canadian/American border....a lake called Vermilion...where my grandfather built himself a homestead in the early part of the 20th Century.  I spent many summers there with my family.

I spent one long cold winter there alone when I was seventeen and ran away from home..and from my family's craziness..in Chicago.

That winter forged my character.  That lake made me who I am.

I shall return!  ...even if its not until they scatter my ashes.


Joe Pasquarello January 04, 2014 @08:55 am
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