"Only One" video with the little monkey

The Only One video was made by Alea Toussaint, a young film student in the grad program at MCAD in Minneapolis.

The style of animation she employed is difficult to execute but deceptively naive in its sensibility.  

The song Only One is sort of the same way..."I can't fix it, I can't fake it, help you find the guts to shake it, tie you up strap you down, turn you upside down until you shout..." Cute little words and phrases strung together with sort of a childlike simplicity belying a subtext of violent frustration over somebody else's "undercurrent of despair" that they take with them everywhere...."sadness like a monkey on your back"....

When Alea and I got together we bonded over the idea of the sad little monkey trying to get happy and trying to break free of conventional confines of his dreary life as an organ grinder's little slave.  He hangs out at the carnival and finds a kaleidoscope.  He looks in the kaleidoscope and sees the colorful possibilities of life..including yours truly dancing and singing the cute little song like a freaky little rock and roll fairy godmother....and then he steals a bike and rides to freedom inside the trippy kaleidoscope never never land of happiness.......yep.  Alea, you rock girlfriend.

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