one on one conversations yesterday

I was invited out for lunch yesterday by another songwriter who is from Minneapolis. He was delightful company and he gave credit where credit is due which is something songwriters sometimes aren't good at. He was encouraging to me and he was inspiring in his own honesty, humor, and enthusiasm. I got to order the salmon scramble at The Longfellow Grill which is one of my very favorite things to eat anywhere any time. All in all a great lunch.

In the evening I had wine and cheese...too much wine and too much cheese...on Rob's wonderful front porch, with a trusted friend I hadn't seen since before the August tour.

This friend is the person who had a key to Rob's house while we were gone for most of the month. She checked on the house and made sure the mailbox didn't overflow. She made sure my car was okay and that the inside of the house wasn't taken over by wasps or squirrels or squatters...unlikely but you never know. 

When we took the two planes, a train, and finally a bus, and then walked the last few blocks to Rob's house after twenty-four hours of traveling and weeks of being on the road in Europe, we walked in to find the kitchen fully stocked with one wonderful treat after another. The refrigerator was full with fresh juices and milk, cheese and eggs, meats and vegetables. 

This friend is able to think of what others would like and act on that out of love. She is able to think of what it would be like to walk into the house for the first time in many weeks and find the kitchen magically and wondrously stocked with goodies.

What a great person she is.

So last night she and I sat together on the front porch for six hours and through two bottles of white wine and we talked of many things, her work and mine, our children, our men, our hopes and dreams.

It was lovely.

I consider yesterday to have been a great day. Two meetings with two inspiring people. I wish I hadn't drank so much wine and eaten so much cheese, but sometimes you just gotta let yourself have it.

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