on the radio in Northfield today!

Today is the first of the real snow days in Minneapolis. I will be shoveling later this morning.

I actually love to shovel snow.

It's a really good workout.

You have to be careful to go slowly and pick up only small loads of snow on your shovel each time so that you don't hurt your back or have a heart attack.

People have heart attacks shoveling snow.

So you definitely have to be careful.

I like shoveling so much that I often shovel all up and down the street at Rob's house. I love thinking of the neighbors coming out and being surprised that their dreaded shoveling is already done for them.

I get in trouble with one of my neighbors who says that I'm making everybody else look bad because I always get right out there and start shoveling.

But, I tell him, hey, I used to have a membership to a gym but now the world is my gym!

After I shovel, I'm driving to Northfield, MN about an hour south of Minneapolis. 

I'm the featured artist on their 5pm radio show on the 95.1 The One Radio station. 

I'll play a couple of songs live solo acoustic, and then answer a few questions about my burgeoning music career and my personal philosophy. Or maybe about my dog and my new dog song. It'll be up to Jessica the host of the show. As you know, I'm an open book these days.

I am also going to write for my NaNoWriMo "Sidney:Book Three" right now.

I'm also going to promote our RUBY video some more today. If you haven't watched it yet, please do. It's a collaboration between a dog lover and his dog, plus me, my brilliant and tender hearted son, and my hero Rob Genadek the producer. We all worked hard and had our hearts in it in a big way and you can hear and see that in the video.

Love to you, this first snowy day, from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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