Nice Interview Out of the Northcountry

Here's the link to this nice Q&A with a wonderful writer and artist from the North Country on the shores of Lake Superior. I will be up there soon for a Bob Dylan Tribute Concert May 18th.

And here it is in it's entirety for your amusement and general edification on the subject of all things CY......

Courtney Yasmineh Returns for A Salute to the Music of Bob Dylan (Interview)
When Courtney Yasmineh joined Scarlet Rivera and Gene Lafond last year at Weber Hall, there was a certain amount of risk as she was accustomed to performing with her own band and not Gene's backup band The Wild Unknown. On top of that, an hour before showtime Courtney and Scarlet were shaken up in a car accident on the way to getting ready for the concert. Despite the distractions, both performers never let on -- they were cool like ice, like fire -- and a stellar concert ensued.

Once on the stage Yamineh holds nothing back. You can feel the energy she projects, even from the farthest corners of the hall. It's exciting to have her here again for the upcoming kickoff event of our North Country Dylan Days Celebration which is now just a month away.

EN: You recently had to perform at SXSW. How’d it go? 

Courtney Yasmineh: SXSW was such a growth experience for me and for my band. We were so pleased to be invited, first of all, for the first time in my career. We played two prime time evening shows on the main street of Austin where most of the action is for up and coming artists. We were part of the Red Gorilla Fest which is a subdivision of the scene down there that really caters to new artists. We played on rooftop stages at two different venues to enthusiastic crowds. 

I felt like I really got to see how the American SXSW audience, who are mostly young people from around the country who love new music, responded to my songs and my band's presentation. I knew going in that this could be discouraging for me if it didn't go well, but honestly, I was not prepared for how well we were received! I feel so inspired and full of conviction as a result of our efforts there, and that is a great gift! 

EN: Last year you told me of a book you wanted to write. How’s that going? 

CY: I have written about 200 pages of the story of my adolescent experience. I ran away from Chicago to Northern Minnesota when I was seventeen mostly because my parents were getting divorced and I was extremely disillusioned with everything about my young life there. I went to live on Lake Vermilion in a cabin my Grandfather had left to our family when he died. And that winter I learned as many Bob Dylan songs as I could, and began performing with my guitar. I had already started writing songs, but that winter provided much new inspiration and I wrote many songs about my experience. 

EN: What is it that so attracts you to Dylan’s music? 

CY: The joy for me in singing songs that Bob Dylan has written is that he is my greatest hero and his body of work and his career are such an inspiration to me. 

EN: What are your favorite Dylan songs that you like to sing? 

CY: I like to sing Dylan's song "Sara"... I like when he says lines like "staying up for days in the Chelsea Hotel writing 'Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands' for you." Staying up for days!!!! Love that!!! 

I also like "Times They Are A-Changin'" because it's so brilliant and I think it takes a lot to deliver it with the right tone… not too strident… not too sentimental… and especially coming from a female, those words have a lot of power and can be off-putting. 

My favorite might be "Tom Thumb's Blues." A better folk rock opening line has never been written than..."When you're lost in the rain in Juarez and it's Easter time too..." When delivered right, that line can make you feel like a real bad ass on the microphone! 

EN: What have you learned about yourself through your experiences performing? 

CY: I've learned a lot about myself over the last few years of performing for people in other cities, other countries, and at home in Minnesota. I've learned that I am a people pleaser and I want to see people's eyes light up. I've learned that I do not have to be loud to be heard. I've learned that my most helpful attribute in performance is how much I care about the meaning of the words. I've learned that I have to really feel good about the level of quality of what I'm offering in order for me to relax and put on a fun show. 

EN: What kind of thoughts are you thinking when you look at an audience at the beginning of a concert? 

CY: At the beginning of a concert, I am usually already playing the first song, watching people, feeling their level of acceptance of my band, feeling how the band likes the situation… the sound quality, the circumstances of how we've been treated so far....and if all's well, about half way into the first song, I start thinking...'okay, we've got this' and then I relax and start having the time of my life. 

* * * * *

EdNote: This blog entry and others like it have the aim of raising awareness for the upcoming Salute to the Music of Bob Dylan concert which will kick off the 2014 North Country Dylan Celebration in Duluth and Hibbing. For tickets to this great event

SXSW2014 the video reprise!

Here we are in all the mayhem and majesty of Austin Texas in the month of March...............


Austin, TX 2014

My band and I drove to Austin to play two shows during SXSW2014.

We were part of the Red Gorilla Fest...the Red Gorilla people are taking the main drag in Austin..6th storm and

are giving emerging artists great visibility and exposure. 

We loved our two rooftop stages and we got to play prime time hour long sets.

The sound people were helpful and pretty darn good..considering that amplification issues abound

when so many bands are playing back to back.

The best thing for me was to see the genuine interest and enthusiasm people had for our performances and for our new album.

I was encouraged and inspired!

I really wasn't sure if that was going to be possible in such an environment of overabundance of bands and noise, noise, noise, noise!

If you haven't been to SXSW ever, it did remind me of the Dr. Suess portraits of the whoos in whooville with their made up instruments and funny bicycles with one man band horns and drums and crazy stuff. Remember that?

On 6th Street, any time of day or evening, there were bands rolling drum kits on dollies and people biking with guitars on their backs and an amp in one hand.

Where there's a will there's a way.

I want to go back with a brand new album..hopefully next year!

A Nice Review at College Radio

KAMP Radio Arizona U

Wake Me Up When It's Over

Submitted by salmog on Sat, 12/07/2013 - 5:34pm Artist: Courtney Yasmineh Non-Airable Tracks:

none Label: Stupid Bitch Records

Courtney Yasmineh, a Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter and guitarist, plays lively alternative rock and indie pop with her four person band. Her newest release, "Wake Me Up When It's Over," collaborates again with Grammy-nominated studio guru, musician, and musical director, Rob Genadek. She has a growing fan base in the United States and abroad through radio airplay. She has an expansive body of work of over four albums, and a colorful collection of new videos. Her voice is extremely unique and is consistent with every song. I love this album! Courtney Yasmineh is definitely one of a kind. Her lyrics are playful and catchy, almost everyone can relate to them. Each song tells a story. Play this on your station, its a must!!

Sounds Like: LizPhair Sounds Like: Alanis Morrisette Sounds Like: Debbie Harry Sounds Like: Sheryl Crowe

Recommended Tracks: 1 Ballad To My Other Self: a very catchy song!! I especially like the beginning 2 Wake Me Up When It's Over: my favorite song in the album! has great guitars beats 4 Scrutiny: girly rock anthem 5 Apparition: I love the musicality in this song!! 11 Entertained: probably the most different song in the album, very chill and a little dark

Name: Sivanne Almog Date Reviewed: 12/07/2013

Alt [1] Alternative Pop/Rock [2] Singer/Songwriter [3]

Thanks to Shoreditch Radio London

Bury Me, our winter song, made this best of 2013 playlist today!

The RealMusik Radio Show-RealMusik In 2013 on Wednesday 11 December 2013 at 2pm
Looking back at the highlights of the first year of The RealMusik Radio Show
The Barnum Meserve-Autumn Park
Frank Hamilton-Things I Do
Hadar Manor-March Song
Beth Rowley-Wretched Body
Kevin Pearce-Tides
Mamaduke Dando-The Trick Of Singularity
Adrian Roye & The Exiles-Pebbles & Stones
Leapfrog-Double Trouble
Bethia Beadman-Fire
Courtney Yasmineh-Bury Me
Gertrude-Message From Dorothy From The Other Side
Kaz Simmons-I Know You
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