Love from the UK

This thoughtful review came in early in the release process of our new album "Wake Me Up When It's Over", and it stands out now as a favorite! Thank you Dave Franklin of Green Man Music!

Wake Me Up When It’s Over – Courtney Yasmineh band

Well, if you ask me  (and if you are reading this you kind of did) the evolution of the rock chick and all that that implies, seems to have made a unexpected turn into a bit of a cul-de-sac in recent years. When did the brash femininity of the 90’s get dampened down, married off and traded in for mealy-mouthed chic-lit concerns? Frankness, irony and guts got replaced by unfascinating intricacies of past relationships, throwaway college lyricism and dance routines. And Jessie J! With the exception of a few feisty folkies, there seems to be a void that needs filling. Where is the new Patti Smith, the new Natalie Merchant, Debbie Harry, Sheryl Crowe or Alanis Morrisette (early years only of course)?

 Someone who is helping to fill that girl with a guitar shaped hole is Courtney Yasmineh.

Hometown Love from The Current MN Public Radio

The Current is a great Public Radio station in Minneapolis, and one of their staff writers, Andrea Swensson, took time to interview me and write she premiered our song Apparition on the air and featured our newest music video....all just in time for our Minneapolis CD Release Show which featured the horn section that played on the new album.

Courtney Yasmineh comes clean with her past and pushes forward with a new album

by Andrea Swensson · October 18, 2013

New Music Video for the single "Apparition" ..the Pirate Edit

This is it..the black and white version you've been hearing about..we call it...



Apparition_10_11 from Joe Pollock Films on Vimeo.

Europe Tour September 24-October 8


Taking it to the streets of the UK and Europe September-October 2013

We will have the new album in hard copies for you!

Come be a part of our video for the new single "Apparition" September 28 and 29..we'll be filming on the fabled cliffs of Dover.

Watch our facebook posts for locations and times and come say hello and be a part of our new film project!

We'll also be spending time in London, Leeds, and Amsterdam...see you there! 

Our "Bury Me" video

The Bury Me video that Steven Cohen made with me is getting some love from Minneapolis City Pages magazine.

We filmed it on the frozen tundra..said only half in jest..of January in Minneapolis...complete with frozen lake film shoot, frozen rooftop performance, frozen fingers, frozen camera lens, and general freezing of everybody's asses off.

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