Help! If you’re reading this and you are in a position to make a donation to the arts, please consider helping me, a full time artist, out today with gas and food money to get back from Chicago tomorrow. I am praying that people will buy my music today at my show at the Homewood Street Fest. if you want to help out you can send me money through facebook messenger cash, through paypal to my cy@courtneyyasmineh.com email address or through my gofundme.com Courtney Yasmineh New Album fund which has gone into overtime.

any help is greatly appreciated, love to you all

Chicago today and tomorrow!

I have an author event and a solo street fest performance today and tomorrow in Chicago!

I am leaving now to drive down and I plan to get into the city early and just walk around my hometown a bit.

This is a very great opportunity for me to reach another audience with my book/books and with my music.

I don't look forward to the author events because I don't love the feeling of being an author in that tribe of people.

But I love writing books and I love my books.

I write from a place of a songwriter writing about the life and perspective of a songwriter.

I don't know if I will write books later that have nothing to do with music and are just social commentary.

I might do that.

But right now anyway I'd MUCH rather play you a song on my guitar than read a passage from my book out loud to you.

Honestly, I hate doing that.

But this attitude may be obstructive and I will continue to try to be open minded about it.

I read today from my first published novel at 6:30pm in Chicago and I have the six hour drive to get my attitude straightened out.

I am very very grateful to be invited to do this.

I will remember that I'm very grateful to share my work with a potential new audience and I will enjoy reading out loud from my book.

I will.

I promise I will.

too much time on my hands

Wow, now that I have finished the manuscript for my second novel, which took me less than a year to complete, I have a lot of new time on my hands!

I didn't realize how much of a drain it adds to your daily life when every waking moment there is a big project hanging over your head that you should be working on.

Damn does it feel good to have that off my to do list! 

I walked around yesterday feeling untethered.

But it's not so much untethered.

It's more like I have been dragging the anchor of my little tugboat and suddenly I pulled up the anchor and can go so much faster with so much less effort!


I think too that sitting around writing a book also takes all that time away from doing things like booking gigs and playing gigs which actually bring in money.

Also, all of my jogging, walking, bicycle riding brain time has been devoted to the finishing of the novel as well, which means I wasn't generating new ideas in the realm of planning tours or writing songs.

Also, I want to make some new music videos for my new album!

This has to happen asap.

Money is always a factor in making music videos and I think I may return to my gofundme.com page and think about setting up a new fundraiser to make three music videos for the new album. The music videos I have done for my songs have really been my very best way of promoting my music besides being there in person putting on a show.

Music videos!!!!!

In the meantime, here is the porch this morning in a rain storm. I was out at 6am. I don't need to get up this early now that the book is done.

But of course it's a four book series so I might as well keep the habit going because I will have to start book three some day soon.

Don't think about it!!! Too soon!

I'll probably start it in the Fall.

Once the music videos are done!


Book Two is turned in!

I finished writing my second book yesterday.

It's the second novel in a four book series about a girl named Sidney who's a songwriter.

The stories are based on my own life and on my struggle to become a full time artist.

It's four books because it has taken me fifty-seven years to become a full time artist who can support herself, even if it is by the skin of my teeth.

I am driving to Chicago for two appearances this week.

I leave on Thursday morning and drive straight to an author event at a bookstore in Chicago in the evening.

I only have about two hundred dollars to my name right now and my credit card is maxed out so I am just praying nothing goes wrong.

The second event on Friday is a solo music performance at an outdoor street fair that I am very excited about and they are paying me a nice amount to play but they aren't sending me a check until later in the month.

I hope people will buy my recordings. I can't sell my books there because the publisher has a book table at these Chicago events and she gets all the revenue from any of my books she sells until my initial advance is paid off.

It's a tough world, people.

Everybody is always trying to make a buck off of everyone else.

Until you are playing that game yourself you don't recognize the signs of it in everyone else.

I remember a drummer I used to work with yelling at a guy who came up to us begging on the street.

He yelled, "Forget it brother, you're just gonna go buy some crack with it. Yeah, well, I gotta buy my own crack!"


The struggle is real.

The hustle is mandatory.

heavy load

People in my family have made a lot of mistakes.

I'm being confronted with the trail of mistakes as I finish my second novel about Sidney, who, as you probably know by now, is based on me.

Thank God for a guy at the 318 Cafe the other night who came up to tell me that he had read my first book in the Sidney series and loved it.

Rob was standing near me when the guy came up and so Rob was a witness to what this man said.

He said that he read my book fairly quickly, thinking to himself that it was pretty good writing.

He said that he reads a lot of literary fiction so he feels he has a good sense of comparison.

He said that when he finished my book he suddenly thought that I was a really good writer, like, a real writer, like much better than he had expected.

He said he thought about that for a while, not really being sure.

So, recently he decided to read my book again, to see how he felt about it now.

He was very excited to tell me, and Rob, that he thinks I'm a really good writer. He thinks it's a really good book.

He says the second reading clinched it because it seemed even better the second time through.

I told him that I look forward to him reading book two.

Book two is finished now and I'm sending it in today to the publisher.

The publisher can accept it or reject it of course.

That's how these things go.

What I have taken away from the writing of the second book is that the people in my family made a lot of mistakes.

Sidney makes mistakes.

I have made many many mistakes.

I try not to have any regrets though.

I married a man I ended up feeling I had to leave, but along the way I gave birth to three beautiful people and have had the great gift of being their mom.

How can you regret a romantic alliance that brings three great people into the world and into your life?

I don't think I can separate my mistakes from my blessings, my mistakes from my dreams, my mistakes from my successes.

The successes have been few, yes, I see that.

The successes have been few in my family too.

But I am going to keep trying.

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