The Turf Club rocked last night

Rock goddess on duty.

Hell yeah.

I lived up to my hashtag #rockgoddessonduty last night.

For one thing, it was loud as F up there.

My ears are telling me this morning that it was certainly a rock show we were playing.

We were loud and Tina and her B Sides were LOUDER.

If you like LOUD you shoulda been there.

If LOUD is not your thing, come see me play solo at the St. Croix Vineyard today from 1-4pm.

Playing a real rock club with real rock sound is an experience that cannot be underestimated.

It has an energy all it's own.

Rock music has fierce energy.

You get up there and you just want to yell instead of sing, you just want to hit those drums so hard, you just want to lift your guitar up over your head and smash it until it's in a million slivered pieces.

It's primal and invisible but it's real.

We rose to the occasion last night.

We had to.

A stage like that is like rock hard or die.

You feel it.

Rob and JJ are both rockers by nature and have both played in rock bands all their lives.

Me, the only rock band I've ever played in is my own.

That reminds me, a neighbor who lives near Rob came out to the street and watched me loading up guitars for a show, as I do almost every day these days.

He's probably been noticing I do that a lot.

He said, "You must be in a band, huh?"

I said, "I am a band."

I am a band.

Last night Courtney Yasmineh was a band and I loved it.

Turf Club tonight!

One of my most exciting shows of the summer is tonight!

It's sold out!

The band I'm opening for has a great following and I'm looking forward to playing for them.

I'm playing with my A string band, Rob G and JJ.

And I think I'm going to wear a new dress.

And white boots.

Should be a baller all around.

If you're there, come say hello!

I did it!

I bought the plane tickets for the three of us Rob, JJ, and myself, for the Europe tour!

I overrode my fear and I did the right thing.

I used my own Paypal line of credit and I feel good about assuming the risk myself for my ventures.

We got a decent deal, $720 per ticket roundtrip to Frankfurt.

I think Rob G's assistant sound man is coming with us as sound and merch and tech support.

He is buying his own ticket.

We all sat around at The Brewhut, Rob's small studio in Northeast Minneapolis last night.

We bought my plane tickets and then we celebrated by drinking beer and eating popcorn and listening to.........ten songs off my new cover tunes album!

My oldest daughter Nina came after her shift at the restaurant where she's earning extra money to pay for her music projects.

We all listened to the great work Rob had done and we talked a lot about the songs on this new record.

The songs are written by great songwriters and they all have so much to say in them, and when they're strung together by one voice singing them all it really showcases the lyrics in a great way.

Rob's production, and the original way we started performing these songs as a duo, with the addition now of JJ on bass or guitar, sounds like an old American Wild West sort of vibe.

"Cowboy Electric" we were calling it last night.

Nina said we need t shirts that say Cowboy Electric on them.

There is so much to think about now, so much to do, so much to get done.

My brain is firing with a million thoughts and ideas.

This is going to be a very exciting time.

Bravery really gets things moving in the right direction!

last night of the Tuesdays in June residency

I've been playing every Tuesday in June at the beloved Finnish Bistro in a sweet little neighborhood in between St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Tonight is the last of this Tuesday series.

Next month I play all Mondays in July at the 56 Brewing Company.

That'll be the new place to catch me every week.

I like the every week on an off night thing because it's relaxed and personal, and I can leave saying "see you next week" which feels nice.

In August it's Thursdays in Excelsior at the 318 Cafe.

In September it's all about getting ready to go to Europe and put out the new album.

In October it's getting back from Europe and heading to Upstate New York for a few shows.

So, the next residency would be November.

I think I'll write to the Finnish Bistro today and ask to have the Tuesdays in November.

Maybe straight through until the end of January to get us through the holidays.

Okay, we shall see.

Love to all.

grappling with Europe plans

I have slated September 22-October 6 for my return to Europe with my trio this Fall.

But I am tossing and turning at night over the costs and the rewards and the dates that aren't filled yet.

I'm afraid.

This fear is what always makes my tours fraught with difficulty.

I want to break that cycle.

I want to flow boldly forward.

I want the plane tickets to be reimbursed by the revenues so I don't have to ask for money from fans and supporters.

I have a Paypal line of credit of $3500.

This amount could cover plane tickets and a rental car.

Once we're there we would make money every day to cover additional expenses.

Ideally we will sell my albums..the NEW album...and my books and come out way ahead and I can pay the guys each about $500 at the end and pay off my Paypal account and still have made a profit for myself.

This is the model I am envisioning right now.

It won't happen this way if I don't finish booking all the dates.

It will happen if I do everything in my power to make sure we have a great schedule of dates.

I will do the work.

I let fear paralyze me.

I will move forward with the plans bravely.

I will follow through on my vision.

I will.

I will.

And it will be the best tour yet!

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