Obey The Universe

If everyone obeyed the Universe we'd all be fine.

I don't know, but I'm guessing that's true.

Anyone who is suffering this day around the globe is undoubtedly being affected by someone else's Evil.

Eradicating Evil is very difficult.

Some people go too far and feel they must deny themselves everything in order not to be tempted.

Monks have donned the hair shirt, fasted for days, slept on a bed of nails, in an effort to punish themselves for myriad sins and attempt to get closer to God. I wonder if people still do stuff like that. I bet somebody somewhere is sleeping on a bed of nails right now.

When I think about stuff like this, it seems like a very big exotic world still.

If you trust yourself the way the chipmunk trusts himself, what do you get?

Chaos and ruin?



If you obey the Universe what do you get?

Lessons and miracles.

Lessons and miracles and signs, all day long.

That's what I really think.

It happens to me.

When I love myself and I love those around me, when I don't give in to Fear, then the miracles start happening.

I have consulted with a talent agent at Paradigm NYC.

I like this guy a lot.

I don't know him very well but I admire his client roster and I admire his personal code of principles.

He's a great person.

When he advised that I contact over thirty folk festivals this summer I obeyed the Universe and did it, as well and as quickly as I possiibly could.

When what l I got in return were some very nice responses urging me to obey the Universe and  "try again next year" I felt that I couldn't go back to the great guy at Paradigm.

I thought that I had failed and could no longer hope to have his interest or respect.

I told one of my adult songwriter students this story. She is working with me for career development inspiration mostly so I tell her these kinds of stories and we discuss possible plans of attack.

She said that I should feel good about following up with the guy from Paradigm because I wrote to and filled out applications for every single one of the festivals he recommended and that's an accomplishment in itself.

She reminded me that some artists have such a hard time putting themselves out there that they would never have followed through on the whole list.

I agreed that for some reason it can be excruciating to fill out all those submission forms, knowing that they are receiving hundreds or thousands and that there are so many artists you are competing against for these limited opportunities.

But my student said, "You should write to him and tell him that you sent every single one. He should know that."

Once she said that to me I heard it as a prompt from the Universe.

I felt I had to send off an email saying that I had applied and followed up with every single festival and that several had written back encouraging me to apply again next year. (luckily the application process is free!)

So I sent the email.

The same day I got a response.

In my email I mentioned that my next idea after Europe in August would be the East Coast in October.

The great guy at Paradigm wrote back the same day offering to help with East Coast contacts as he had for the West Coast last Fall and also did for the summer festivals.

Somehow Rob and I will do an East Coast tour in October and somehow it will be great.

I believe with full certainty of this.

I am obeying the Universe and the Universe is never wrong.



Blake June 26, 2018 @09:37 am
Good things come to those who tune in and, more importantly, act mindfully. That, and gratitude and sympathy do make a potent recipe ;-)
Josephine Lane June 25, 2018 @07:34 pm
Persistence, persistence, persistence. Never give up.
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