film explorations with Christina

This is a 7:30pm post instead of my more typical 7:30am posting time. I have found the time shift to be upsetting to my usual rituals. So I thought I'd try writing tonight.

No, I am not under the influence of any mood altering substance unless you count the really delicious blue cheese and hot pepper peach jelly I had on crackers a little while ago. With a bottle of Sparkling Water, or as they say in Europe "water with gas" which we Americans would probably never say because the word gas to us either means gasoline or something embarrassingly person that should only happen in the privacy of one's bathroom..alone.

I have nothing new to report except that I am working once a week with a brilliant female photography artist named Christina Bowers and we did another hour long shoot today. You have been seeing our collaborative work in the fun short videos we did for my social media sites on Halloween, and some of the new cool photos I've been scattering around.

The new photos and little extra short films are a way to expand my image and Christina is good at challenging someone like me to dare to go beyond what I know works. So once a week we'll be doing these shoots and you'll see the manifestation of our efforts as our vision builds from week to week. It's very informal and there is no exchange of money. We are both hoping to incrementally increase our own brand and our own image by helping to provide great new content for each other with me primarily as the subject and she primarily as the genius behind the camera.

I couldn't be more grateful or excited about this!

Thank you Christina!



Courtney Yasmineh November 11, 2018 @09:20 am
Thanks Josephine, I'm really loving it!
Josephine Lane November 09, 2018 @09:37 am
That's wonderful. I love photography and you make a great model.
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