nice to be back at it

I really appreciate you.

I really do.

You are the person who shows up.

You are the person who engages.

I love you.

I'm realizing that this blog, and my live shows, are like magical secret rituals.

Have you ever lived in a community that has a secret little elf living in the base of a tree?

I've lived in several.

In Vermont, where two of my three children were born, there were a few well known sites of elves living in the bases of trees.

You could make a pilgrimage to their front doors and you could leave them some sort of gift or message.

Sometimes you could go back and find something placed outside the door in the vessel that you gave your gift, now refilled with something for you.

There may be definitively two kinds of people in this world...the kind who know exactly what I'm talking about here...and the kind who think I've lost my mind.

There's a little door at the base of a tree in Central Park too.

There's a door at the base of a tree in Rob's neighborhood.

This blog is my front door of my little home at the base of the tree of life where I live in silence and contemplation much of the year.

This blog is the message in a bottle to those who will listen, to those who will interact.

Some come from afar, some are very close at hand.

Some have a vision of their own, very strong and clear, others come looking for guidance or inspiration.

Some come to be supportive of the small soul who is silently placing their gifts outside their front door, watching from a tiny window above, waiting to see if anyone will come partake of what they have offered up.

So much fun!

Delight all around!

My God, do you see how much fun each and every moment can be if we interact and surprise each other?

Bitterness, competition, anger, remorse, shame.....let these words be buried under heaps of little bouquets of flowers, little mesh bags of nuts, little purses full of small foreign coins, little trinkets and gadgets and baubles.

We are here to delight.

There is a huge tree in Rob's big backyard.

When I first moved into Rob's house I was insisting it be cut down.

I said it was too huge and dangerous.

I was so worried about moving into Rob's house, for a million reasons, that I took someone's advice and went to visit a fortune teller (sorry if you've heard this part before).

The fortune teller read my cards and told me that I was doing the right thing.

Then she, who knew nothing about me and didn't know Rob and didn't know where I was living suddenly said, "and you need to make peace with that tree out in back." I freaked out.

She continued, "You need to thank that tree for it's presence, it's wisdom, and it's shade. That tree is blessing your home there. You need to go out every morning and thank that tree."

I learned to love and revere the gorgeous enormous Silver Maple. I sing a song that has the line, "we played about the forest floor; underneath the Silver Maples, the Balsams, and the Sky". You've probably heard me sing it.

There are some little squirrels with big bushy tails who call that tree home.

I've been putting old bread out on a metal table in the garden near the tree. The squirrels can get up on the table, and the birds can land on it, but my little dog can't get at it.

Over Christmas, my children, who are here visiting, staying with us at Rob's house, watched the squirrels with me.

One fat squirrel dressed in his heaviest winter coat now, his tail tipped with white and bushier than ever, grabbed a piece of my homemade cranberry walnut bread.

I wondered if they would like that.

Well, apparently he considered it to be a great delicacy, because he carried it around to the front of the house, hoisting it up and over the great wooden fence, brought it up onto the front porch.

We watched from inside the living room as he scaled the grapevine wreath I had made and hung outside the front window for the holidays. He climbed with the piece of cranberry bread in his teeth to the top of the wreath, all of us gasping to hold in our laughter inside the house, and then he stuffed the bread in between a couple of twists of vine, made sure it was secure, and climbed back down. There was now a slice of stale cranberry bread stuffed into the top of our wreath at the front of the house.

Delightful little efforts are being made of this kind every day. Nature and Mankind are both full of these moments.

Pay attention. Be grateful. Let yourself be surprised.

See the Joy all around you.

Do not numb yourself to the beauty and pain of this world.

Let us delight each other.

Have A Great Day My Friend.


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