new friends and old

I'm having fun connecting with people while I'm in the Twin Cities for the winter.

Yesterday it was almost 50 degrees which is an unthinkable heatwave, and probably an ominous one, but it sure did raise peoples' spirits in the northern climate.

I went to a fun dinner party last night. I know these people as fans who come to my shows, and I love them for that, but it was fun to have dinner and get to know each other better.

My feeling is that if you do what you love and don't try to please anybody in particular, eventually the people who really are your tribe will come around.

I felt like this was definitely the kind of dinner I would like to go to more often.

I told my story about the catering job opportunity and the very intuitive and wise hostess said that the catering job was a test from the Universe, if anything, and I passed the test by staying true to myself and saying no. What a gift it is to tell your stories to people and have them get where you're coming from.

Also, the hostess, after making us handmade beautiful ribbons of fresh pasta for dinner, sat down at her wonderful grand piano and played gorgeous piece after piece of classic and contemporary piano music.

Have I died? Am I in Heaven?

The world is a beautiful place if you let it be.

I love you.

Happy Sunday where ever you are.

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