NaNoWriMo 2018 here we go!

Here is what I'm doing starting today:

It's called NaNoWriMo which is something about write a novel in the month of November.

I personally really get off on it.

I've done it several years in a row.

The first time I ever did it was 2013, and although I haven't done it every year, I've done it several years since.

You can look up my profile on their website if you want to see what I'm doing.

My idea is that since my Sidney: Book Two is being shopped for a new publishing deal that I might as well start on book three.

My brother's recent death has really freed me up creatively right now too, and I find myself wanting to mine all my memories and retrace my steps in as many ways as I can.

You're supposed to write at least 1700 words a day I think in order to finish the quantity that NANoWriMo has set as their "novel" length.

This morning I got up at 4:30am because I was so excited to get started that I couldn't sleep.

I got 3000+ this morning.

I only write like that in the early mornings.

Once the day gets going, my brain is pulled in many other directions.

In the dark and cold early morning of this northern region I light candles, I sit at Rob's dining room table. 

I make a big mug of coffee with cream and chocolate.

And I go for it.

Last weekend I had a friend over to the house for a long conversation and dinner. She helped me think about book three a bit during our evening together. I knew that the story should begin with Sidney's little MG pulled to the side of the highway with a flat tire. So getting started this morning was honestly like sheer joy. I couldn't wait to tell that story. We are off to the races! It's going to be great!

I have many things to look forward to, much to be grateful for, many promising irons in the fire.

Happy November!

Here's me from earlier this week doing a weekly "photo and film creative exploration" with the brilliant Christina Bowers:

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