my series of little handmade books

Last night a trusted friend and supporter came over and she saw my little series of books that I've been making for my tour.

She's the only person besides Rob who's taken a good look at them.

Rob has been saying that it's wrong that if someone buys one I have no way of ever reproducing that one because they are all totally unique. The friend last night had the same feeling.

She is going to help me figure out a way to maybe have them printed.

It would be so cool to have a collection of them.

Then they could be sold individually but also maybe in sets of five different ones with a ribbon around them.

They're pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.

Hopefully we can come up with a solution before the tour...which begins next week!

Otherwise, I will be selling all the originals, which is pretty awesome too.

I mean, as long as I'm alive and able to write, I can make more.

But each one has little drawings, poems, stories, quotes, and I don't even remember what's in most of them already!

I hope we find a way to print them!


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