my rival becomes my friend

I had a dream last night that I was on stage for a really great show. 

There were lots of people, and the people were excited to see my performance. 

Rob was on stage too, doing a great job.

But for some reason I was preoccupied, worrying about things that were happening off stage.

I had this weird idea about my dressing room being unlocked.

I had been given an upfront payment in cash of several hundred dollars and I had zipped the money into a hidden pocket in my suitcase for safe keeping during the show.

But I got off stage after only two or three songs saying I'd be right back.

When I got off stage the place was full and everyone was gathered around the stage to hear me play.

And there was a second band, older guys, who everyone knew and they were going to play the second half of the evening. They were watching my show, and waiting to go on second.

Well, for some reason (it's a dream remember), I went back to the dressing room and sure enough found some young man going through my suitcase. I immediately interrupted him and checked the zipper pocket, but the money was gone.

The young man and I got into an argument. He started giving me back my money, a fifty dollar bill here, a hundred dollar bill there.

Then I went back out to get back on stage, but I had put on a jacket because I was cold and the jacket wasn't for the stage. Also, it seemed that Rob had just about given up and had started to tear down our equipment. Also, the people who had been listening had mostly left or gone to another part of the venue. There was no one waiting for me to get back on stage.

The guys in the other band were angry with me.

I saw the female owner of the venue and she said I had ruined the night and that she wouldn't pay me the second half of my money.

I tried to get back on stage and make it right for everyone, but it was too late.

**************the moral of this story******************

Money can't be a rival because it is too distracting.

Money has to become a byproduct of good work and a life well lived.

2019 is a new year and a new chance for me to get my priorities straight.

I'm going to remember this dream.


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