my concert series starts tonight!

Yes, my concert series starts tonight!

In the hood.

Right by Rob's house.

I can just roll on over and just roll on back home no matter what the weather.

It's about five blocks away from home for me.

But much more than that, it's across from the great old Riverview Movie Theater, and it's next to the Riverview Wine Bar.

All of these places are fun and full of life, so there is a nice stream of people the whole evening coming by and at least popping in to listen a bit.

And since I have the series dates posted all over the cafe, hopefully people will come back for future dates as well.

The Cafe itself serves beer and wine and coffee drinks and snacks and it's big and comfortable with sofas and chairs. It's good. And people care about music and sit and listen carefully to the words which I think is crucial.

Tonight I may be solo, Rob may not be able to finish his recording session work in time to play the show with me.

But that's fine because I'm really working on honing my solo skills so that the songs come across just as well either way.

As the series progresses it's my intention to have guests sit in...guys who have been in my four piece band in the past and who hopefully will be touring with me later in 2019. I think that will be so great too.

I am so happy to not be on tour right now, I must say.

I love touring.

I am looking forward to lots more touring.

But this Fall is turning out to be the perfect time to stay put and work on all my Big Plans and Big Goals.

And playing these local shows is just what I needed.

Plus, I am always happy to say that I have just as big a fanbase in Minneapolis as I do in any city in Europe and so I better make sure that's true!

Also, Thank You for reading this blog post today.

I have been getting analytics reports about this website of mine and since I started writing this daily blog my website has gone from having about ten visitors a month to having a thousand a month!

Thank you!

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