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Here's a good story for ya:

Recently I saw a social media post on twitter from a young musician. He was saying that the way some people use instagram and twitter is not very nice..a charming sentiment in my humble opinion. He was talking about the way people have made the following vs. followers game. A lot of people perceive that having as many people following you as possible is good. No argument there, but the second half of the equation is to follow as few people as possible...even zero if you can pull it off like Taylor Swift does....and still have thousands or millions following you. The young musician was saying that this gives the message of being an independent individualist who's out blazing their own trail and doesn't look around to see what others are doing. True. It does. But it also looks like you have no interest, no care, no curiosity, no concern, for anyone but yourself. It does sort of look that way I think. This musician was saying that he has 5000 followers but he follows all kinds of people in all walks of life from all over the world who interest him or who he is trying to encourage or support, so he follows 10,000. The number of people he's following makes the number who follow him look less important. Do you see this? In the popularity game of life he would look cooler if he had 5000 following him as he does but he was following 0. But I agree with him that this is not a kind or charitable or even fun stance to to take in the world.

So with all this in mind, I decided to go back to my social media accounts recently and take a better look at who I was following, who I was supporting, instead of just looking at who is interested in me.

One thing that came of this effort was that I realized that some of the Minneapolis musicians I know have shows in the next few weeks. I decided to write a few of them into my calendar on nights when I don't have shows of my own. I thought this was a grass roots way of applying the young musicians mentality, taking it from the virtual social media world to the streets of Minneapolis. Go to their shows. Don't just hope they'll come to mine.

So, the magical part of this story is that I did write some Minneapolis musicians' shows into my calendar and doing so brought me good fortune.

Yesterday morning, one of these musicians wrote me an email saying he needed a replacement to play a show he had double booked himself for on December 1st. I looked to see if I had December 1st open and what I had on my calendar for that very night was to go see that very musician at his show in Minneapolis. So I wrote to him saying that I had his name on my calendar reserving that night. How wonderful and strange that by the end of the day yesterday I had secured this new performance, because of this musician, and now I'm playing on December 1st for a private party and the pay for the evening for myself and Rob is $1000. 

Isn't that a nice holiday story?

I am going to continue to bring my attention, my interest, and my kindness to the work of others. I think it brings me more good luck too.

Here's a fun video of my four piece band who I am scheming to reunite for my next big tour:



Courtney Yasmineh December 03, 2018 @07:43 am
Amen, Jeff!
Jeff Parkman November 24, 2018 @04:32 pm
And in the end The love you take Is equal to the love you make. Lennon and McCartney
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