Maybe Thursdays

Last night I went back to visit the good old Underground where I was playing a weekly show on Wednesdays.

When the new owners started in last week they cancelled all the music and have been scrambling to make the place viable again.

It was falling into neglect under the past owners' financial problems.

So last night I went to see what was up over there.

The new owners are nice and very sincere. They are immigrants from somewhere..I didn't ask..but the wife told me that she wants to run this place for "the next thirty years" and that seemed like a very impressive attitude to be taking.

They are having to renew their liquor license so right now they have no beer or wine. To be honest, that's kind of a buzz kill for me and for many followers who come to my shows, but they plan to have it reinstated within the next few weeks.

The staff people they kept from before all seem happy with the new arrangements, and everyone looked like they had more direction than those last weeks when I played there and everyone seemed unsure about everything.

I am going to talk to the husband today, but we think I will try to start up on Thursdays 5-6:30pm.

They are only open in the evenings on Thursday Friday Saturday now.

I have missed having such a casual weekly performance opportunity.

I go back and forth in my mind about it, but generally, it gave me a sense of continuity and a home base outside of Rob's house where I spend so much time alone.

I'm going to do it for a while I think and see if it's helpful.

As Rob keeps telling me, this is a marathon not a sprint and I am trying to survive my own dream here.

And I know you are too.

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