making stuff for my fans in Europe

I'm getting really excited about my Europe tour in August!

One thing I am super excited about is what I'm making to sell at my merch table.

I can't wait for my fans to see!

I am not feigning this enthusiasm either.

I feel the way you feel when you have bought someone what you feel is the absolute perfect gift and you can't wait for them to open it.

I already really love my pretty things I sell at my shows.

I love the way my "Sidney" novel has the guitar with flowers on the front, and how the "High Priestess and The Renegade" album has the picture of me with the flowers in my hair, and how the "Red Letter Day" red vinyl is so much fun with the other "Red Letter Day" cd offerings. So, there's already a lot to love.

My latest additions for this tour will be a new cd of eight cover songs. These are all songs I play at my concerts on tour. We are hand burning and packaging this first run of one or two hundred. If we all love this it will go out to the world as a full album this fall!

Second thing I am thrilled about is a set of small hand written books I'm making. Each book is small, like 4 inches by 5 inches, and each is written and designed by me. They have drawings and poems and little funny quotes, plus hand written lyrics from my songs and personal wishes and ideas for the reader. You can buy one for yourself and I will write your name with mine on the cover, or you can buy them as gifts and I can put the person's name on it for you. They are really sweet and I am loving making them. I plan to have at least twenty to bring for the Europe tour, but it would be better if I can make forty! We'll see what I can do!

So much to be excited about, so much to do.

I am in the recording studio today singing the last three cover songs and then we do overdubs and mixing this coming week!

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