love from Des Moines

We made it as far as Des Moines yesterday, but once it was really dark and the giant trucks full of animals being taken to the slaughterhouse were barreling down on us, we couldn't take it any more so we got a cheap room in Des Moines at a Days Inn.

The Days Inn in Des Moines is not cool at all.

But I'm writing this from the comfort of my Days Inn bed, so I have no complaints.

The tour has been a success.

I appreciate how I was able to gather the help and support of people who listen to my music, come to my shows, and read this blog.

I appreciate that my daughter Nina went on tour with her Mom and opened all the shows with her own new music.

I appreciate that people bought my books and albums at the shows.

I appreciate that we were able to stay with my daughter Ava over her birthday weekend, and that Ava and her friends came to our show in Denver and made it really fun.

I appreciate the incredible landscape of the Southwestern states in America.

I appreciate that when we left Minneapolis there was two feet of snow and when we return today there is none.



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