literally one day at a time

Okay, one day at a time.

Nina and I have made it to Cameron, Missouri.

I drove at about 60 miles an hour because I'm a chicken and it was dense white fog, the melting of the huge snowdrifts, all through southern Minnesnowta and Iowa.

Suddenly the sun came out south of Des Moines and the temperature 60 degrees F which seemed like the greatest thing in the whole world by then.

We ate at a little cantina called Taco Hangover.

We carefully figured out that we could each get a fish taco for $4 and then we could share a taco salad for $9.

We each got a $7 margarita.

That was our only meal, everything else was the snacks from Trader Joe's we bought with the cash one of my students gave us when he enlisted Nina's opinions last week about his current creative writing project. If you're reading this, thank you dear student friend and colleague.

We bought Motel 6 nights in Cameron, Missouri, and for McKinley, Texas.

We boldly went ahead and bought four nights of Motel 6 in Santa Fe, NM as well.

After Santa Fe we get to our Ava's studio apartment where we are going to all hold up for the last five nights of the tour.

I'm still praying we can completely our gofundme which will give us enough money to finish the trip.

Please consider a donation.

Also, we don't have a place to stay for the night of the 15th in Austin and we're hoping for some kind of fun miracle there.

Love from the road,


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