last street show of the season today

3:30pm today you will find me playing on Nicollet Mall, probably down by the Haskell's Wine Bar open air patio so I can break my wine fast and get a nice Merlot or something before I play for two hours in the not so warm temperatures.

I love playing street shows and I really love the people who hang out on Nicollet Mall. 

We know there are a lot of marginalized characters in the USA right now, probably more marginalized than in the recent past, and these people really are deserving of time and attention and kindness and support...needless to say.

The street community in downtown Minneapolis is not about race, gender, or age. Every situation, every color skin is represented. Every age group is represented. Their troubles, their poverty, their addictions know no privilege and no prejudice, no racism, no sexism, no ageism. 

I will stand with them today and sing. The Holy Spirit will be standing with us as always.

Come join us.

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