last night's weekly show

I have been playing a weekly happy hour performance at a very off-the-beaten-path place for several months now.

Recently I have thought that maybe it isn't the right thing to be doing.

I play it very casually, with no set list, and I often play songs I've never performed before or songs I haven't played in a very long time.

I'm testing things out there.

Also it has been mentioned to me that the weekly exposure, and also the fact that it's an unpaid performance where I only get whatever the patrons put in the tip jar and a free glass of wine, makes it something that tarnishes my value or my acclaim or my reputation.

These things may be true but not true enough to over ride the basic musical value for me as an artist.

I get to wear whatever I want, and I do try to experiment with going more the jeans and t shirts way to see what that feels like for me, or trying wearing light colors instead of always black (With a pink tutu haha).

Last night was a good example for me. I was thinking hard about ending my series after the new year begins.

But last night I got to work out the kinks in my "Santa Baby" song delivery. I played it twice, both times  stumbled over the fourth verse "Santa honey one little thing I really need the deed to a platinum mine...". My timing of the second line kept throwing the whole verse off. It was annoying as hell and I kept trying to get it right...right there on stage...but in some ways the people listening were more engaged with me during that moment of struggle than at any time in the rest of the show when things were going more smoothly. It was annoying, but it was also sort of funny.

I'm going to keep trying out new ideas, new songs, old songs of my own added back into new sets. I had a dream last night that I was playing somewhere and the host of the show asked me how old I am just as I was getting up to sing and when I said fifty-seven people in the audience laughed. Then I got up and I just couldn't deliver my song right. It was a scary dream, a nightmare I guess. That's what I'm up against and I think playing every week on Wednesdays is helping me keep that wolf away from my door.

The Wednesday show is not only an exercise in musical experimentation, it's also an exercise in humility.

I can use plenty of both. 

Thanks for reading.

I love you.

Come to one of my Wednesday shows and see for yourself.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Courtney Yasmineh December 27, 2018 @09:49 pm
Thank you for the encouragement Ted!
Ted Weir December 23, 2018 @02:13 pm
Lucky me that your continuing your shows! I'm enjoying your albums and the you tube videos, but your presence and voice in concert are the best!
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