last night was great, tonight will be too!

Our show last night was delightful.

The people of Santa Fe who were at our show last night remind me of the people who come to my shows in Europe.

A truly diverse and free flowing group of all ages and walks of life.

Great listeners, people who really care....

You have to go out into the world to find these pockets of wonderful people.

They aren't just readily available around every corner in every small town or big city.

But of course you are more likely to find them when you are playing original folky music in bohemian sort of hideouts.

The Chili Line Brewing Co. is certainly that sort of place.

There were several dogs in attendance as well, and one cat.

One of the dogs was quite large and was walking through the crowd periodically, dragging his short leather leash on the floor behind him.

He was smiling the whole time. A true party animal, ha.

Okay, so today we shoot music video number two for the new cover tunes album.

We're going to the oldest adobe church and house in Santa Fe and we'll shoot around the grounds of each, then we're going to walk up and down this very mystical seeming back alley that is just grasses and stones and gravel, leading up into the hills of the old residential area. It has abode low walls and wooden fences, charming hand hewn wooden gates, I think it will make for interesting shots for the video.

Okay, off we go.

Thank you to those who have helped make this tour possible.

It would be great to finish with flying colors.

Here's our campaign link if you'd like to help us get back home again.

Three shows and seven days to go.

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