last night in the town where I used to live

I played a show last night in the town where I used to live.

I raised my children there.

That town is just not a very good environment for original live music I don't think.

I didn't think so when I lived there, and I guess I don't think so now either.

I walked in with Rob Genadek and we started setting up our very small portable PA set up for our small drums and my guitars.

We set up our two microphones.

There was already the feeling of "walking on eggshells".

Like we had to tip toe very quietly around and be very careful so as not to upset anyone.

Why? Why did it feel like that? I don't really know.

The bar where we were playing was in the main lobby of a new hotel in the town.

So, we were setting up and a woman approached me and said she wanted to speak with me privately. She said she was from Human Relations for the hotel. She said that the way I was dressed was inappropriate for their hotel and that I needed to change my clothes into something more covered immediately. I told her, very nicely, that what I was wearing was a shorts "romper" sort of thing and had it's own black lined bodysuit underneath and that I had worn this "romper" on many Europe and the US...and played probably fifty shows in this romper and that no one on any continent in any city had ever once complained about this romper before. Also, I had nothing to "change into" and that even if I did she wasn't going to find anything else I owned to be more to her satisfaction.

My eighty-four year old mother and my twenty-eight year old daughter were both in attendance and they said I looked great. Several of my female fans were in attendance and they said I looked more conservative than usual! Ha!

Okay, well, whatever, there was nothing to be done about it and she walked away saying, "well just try not to bend over" and I said again, "It's shorts."

We started playing and the manager was immediately saying we were too loud.

The manager started pacing around in front of us.

About fifteen of my fans were there and maybe twenty more customers who were just there for happy hour.

The happy hour people were talking loudly.

My fans were saying they couldn't hear us very well.

The manager was saying we needed to turn down our amplification.

We finally got very very quiet, later in the three hour show, after happy hour was over, and just our fans sort of gathered around, and I was able to sing to them and they were able to hear and Rob and I could hear each other's harmonies.

But at that point we were singing and playing so quietly that one fan described it as "ants playing tiny violins".

Either way, my mother loved the whole show and stayed to the very end.

She was clapping along sometimes, she stood up and danced a little too. She was great! She was the highlight of the evening! My beautiful mother dancing and singing along at eighty-four! She wasn't even mean about my outfit! She said I looked great! 

Will I ever play there again? Not sure, maybe not.

Do I care? Well, the vision I have for my career is to be playing in situations where every single person is there with their own enthusiastic intention to hear my music. Does this place fit that description? No.

But on the road to that beautiful destination, I need to play and play often, for the sake of my artistry, my technical skills, and my bank account. So would I like to play there again? Yes, if they'll have me back. And I'll try to get closer to what they want while giving myself and my fans what they want too. I can do it. I know I can.

Tonight I play at a little place called the Finnish Bistro where I have worn leather shorts and a Nirvana t shirt, or a sequin slip, or a tutu and a leather jacket, or a Bob Dylan t shirt with cut offs and fishnet stockings. No one has ever complained about any of it.

I'm looking forward to my show 6:30-8:30!

Here's a photo of me wearing the same romper I wore last night, same stockings, same everything. So sexy. So shocking. Downright disturbing. I know.



Courtney Yasmineh May 11, 2019 @08:12 am
Blake! It's fun to have your input here! Thanks for the lively commentary!
Blake Charles Donley May 11, 2019 @12:30 am
I LOL'd at numerous points in your recanting of this episode--bravo! For the recanting and the episode--you crack me up!
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