Tall tales on Lake Vermilion yesterday

I didn't write a post yesterday because I got up at 6am and drove up to Lake Vermilion on the far North Cook end of the lake.

They were having an antique boat show.

I have been delighted to know a great architect named Dale Mulfinger for these past fifteen years or so.

He writes excellent coffee table style art books about beautiful cabins in this Northern region. His books are highly regarded internationally and he is himself a treasure to the region if not the world.

When Dale Mulfinger read my book about the girl called Sidney he was reading it in his own cabin on Lake Vermilion and he knew that Lake Vermilion was where I had run away to in 1978.

He wrote to me last Spring saying that he had just finished the book and thought it was really great.

I was so happy to hear from him and to know that he had read my book!

During the past Winter and Spring Dale had spent a lot of time consulting with a family who were rebuilding an old cabin on Lake Vermilion. 

The family has since been finishing up this project and are proud of ther beautiful new place.

They recently invited Dale over to thank him for his efforts and to revel together in the fruits of their labors on the project.

Dale came over to visit them and as they were all sitting on the brand new screened in porch Dale thought to tell one of their teenage daughters about a book he had read recently about a girl who lived through the winter in a cabin on this very same lake.

But the father and owner of the new property had already heard something about the daughter of the woman he had purchased this old cabin from that he had now torn down, but had lovingly used much of the original woodwork and many things from the old cabin to make the new have a sense of history. Suddenly the owners of the new place and Dale realized that the Sidney book was about this very property where they were sitting. And moreover, Dale suddenly realized that he had been reading his friend Courtney's account of living in this place during the very time period that he was helping with it's renovation.

I got an email from Dale and I was so shocked and thrilled by the wonderful coincidence.

Dale had already invited me to come up over Labor Day weekend and do a book signing, the two of us, with his books about cabins and my book about my cabin adventure, at the antique boat show.

Now I was going to tie in an invitation to go meet the owners of my old cabin property, and to have the fun of seeing Dale's beautiful design work interwoven with the original charm of my Swedish grandfather's old homestead.

Well, so yesterday I drove up there at 6am and arrived in plenty of time for the 11am start time of the boat show.

Everything went great. The boats were all beautiful old Crisscrafts and Thompsons and I love those old wooden boats so it was great to see them.

There was an older couple singing cover tunes the whole afternoon on the outdoor stage.

Dale and I had a nice spot for our table right by the water.

I brought twenty books and I sold them all!

I sold as many cds too!

It was a great experience.

Then I went to see my grandfather's old property made into a new modern home, but with a very genuine effort to maintain as much of the original feel as possible.

The owners wanted to hear stories of my family and stories of my life up there.

I told them what I could muster, but there is so much to say and it's too hard to say it all in one sitting.

Plus there were some myths and rumors that I had to try to dispel as well. I have been working hard to become an international superstar and a living legend and in some ways, at least as far as that old cabin story goes, I may have achieved something close to notoriety. But people talk, and people remember things different ways.

Other people had already been up there, sort of beaten me to it, telling these new owners stories about me and my people.

Some of what has been said seems like tall tales and fabrications to me.

So, the punchline of this long story is, just between you and me: damn, I am so glad I have made those albums and am writing those books! I am leaving my own portrait of a family, of a life, of a legendary tale of mythic proportion.

I am so happy to be able to say to anyone that I have my version of what I lived through and what I know and I am sticking to my version. 

The rest of the world is welcome to tell their own tales, write their own stories, sing their own songs.

Knock yourselves out boys and girls but you can't touch this.


Courtney September 04, 2018 @09:20 am
It's not predestined I don't think Petra, but it is a path based on our inner potential that can lead us to the destiny we dream of if we make good choices with our free will. I hope this is true!
Petra Schmidt September 04, 2018 @07:11 am
How strange is this Courtney? What will happen after publishing your second book? Something similar? Are we going a predetermind path that will bring us back to certain stages of our journey?
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