Kimono Sessions Summer 2018


I feel a new era of my music coming on.

Monday I'm going to a meeting at a recording studio on an island to begin talking about my new simple solo folk album.

I have ideas about a new time coming of reveling in the guitar lifestyle I've been creating these recent years.

I have an idea to make some music videos this summer at a campsite in Birchwood, Wisconsin.

Everyone's invited.

Rob Genadek has a Volkswagon camper van from 1970 that runs great.

I have a canopy with mosquito netting in case of rain.

Joe Pollock doesn't know it yet, but he's filming these sessions while he camps with us.

I want to invite other female songwriters to play solo acoustic original songs.

I want my daughter, the artist Nina Luna, to be one of the guest performers on her acoustic guitar.

Women wearing kimonos playing acoustic guitars, hell yeah.

Fringe jackets, cut off shorts, Frye boots, kimonos.

It's not a festival, it's not glamping, it's an on location music video shoot that feels like all of that but without the hype.

Just us doing what we do.


"cuz if you can sing it with a guitar, it's all that matters if not to them, then at least to me"

Yeah Baby.

If you have a fringe jacket or a kimono you don't want any more, reconsider and start wearing it, or send them my way.

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Macklemore knows what's up.



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