kicking off December in high spirits!

I love that I get to play at the Mini Cooper car dealership tonight.

It's a dream come true in a very weird way.

My father loved Jaguars and cars with those big round headlights and old roadster charm.

I don't know enough about cars to know how to correctly describe this but when I bought my first car at age twenty-five I bought an already pretty old 1974 MBG convertible.

I bought it because it was cool, certainly not because it was practical.

I was living in Minneapolis at the time and it certainly did not have snow tires.

This story of the MGB is part of my" Sidney" series, book three, so you're gonna have to wait until that comes out to get all the details of that survival story.

But for now, suffice to say, in my mind the old Jaguar, the old MG, and the new Mini Cooper have enough in common that I am super psyched to play the show at the dealership tonight.

I want the light grey blue one with the all wheel drive and the big back area and the double doors that swing open to put my gear in.

I LOVE that car.

I'm planning to sit in it during my break from singing.

So excited.

Also, yesterday, I got one of my all time favorite talent agents in the music industry to throw in a good word for me to the people at SXSW and just having him do that is a huge honor for me because he's an incredible person and he works with artists I so admire.

But to think that the SXSW official showcase may now be within my grasp is just delightful.

SO here's to December friends, and here's to keeping our thoughts positive and our hearts soaring with gratitude.


Photo from this week's #filmexploration series with Christina V. Bowers who is such a fabulous photographer and artist:


Courtney Yasmineh December 02, 2018 @10:08 am
love to you Petra! We will party like the rock stars we are in 2019!
Petra Schmidt December 02, 2018 @09:36 am
Wow Courtney! I love the pic. You are looking so fantastic! I wished I could join your show tonigth. But I am in Bremen. Grrrrrr! So have fun!
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