is there enough wealth in the world for everyone?

I have been reading books about manifesting positivity and health, wealth, success.

Why not, right?

Since I'm a person trying to achieve big goals right now, why not find out what other people are saying about how to succeed.

One thing people talk about is "removing mental blocks you have about wealth and success".

I didn't think I had any, but I see now that I do...or hopefully....I did.

I was thinking about people I know who have a lot of money and I was thinking that they were sitting on their pile of wealth while they knew damn well that other people were starving. They should have used every last cent they had to help others. They should have shared everything they had with the people who surely helped get them where they were along the way. They shouldn't keep any of it. 


I know a guy who bought a patent for $5000 from an inventor, started a company that mass produced and sold that cool product to the public, and went on to sell his company for $30 million. He didn't go back and tell the inventor he would split the $30 million with him. He didn't split it with the workers in his factory either. I know these things to be true because I asked him.

I want to get over this story because for some time now this story has defined my ideas of wealth and people who have wealth.

Help me reframe this Lord!

Is wealth infinite in this world the way the positivity gurus say it is?

Can any homeless person put their mind to it and manifest a mountain of wealth?

Maybe a person down on their luck can change, in the sense that, if they can rethink who they are to themselves, and stay on a healthy positive track of thinking, they might be able to change their circumstances. We do read stories often of someone staying at a shelter for the homeless and finding a way to start anew and make a good life for themselves. We know that's possible or at least not impossible.

Do we know that wealth is infinite and anyone can manifest their own fortune? Do we know that if someone can manifest their own fortune that they are not stealing what they acquire from other people?

Tracy Chapman has a song that says, "...oh they tell me, I still have time to save my soul they tell me. Renounce all, renounce all those material things you gained by exploiting other human beings...."

Those lyrics are burned like a branding iron seared them onto the inner lining of my psyche.

That way of thinking is true if you are a slave owner or you are an employer who keeps your employees down in any way.

But companies like Patagonia and Chobani yogurt aren't doing that.

Last Sunday I read the success story of the owner and founder of Chobani yogurt company.

That guy and his father were shepherds before they came to America.

I don't remember all the details, but the guy has a great company, a lot of happy employees, and billions of dollars of his own.

Does that guy feel bad about being successful? No. Does he feel guilty? No. Does he feel obligated to do what he can for others? Yes, and he does. But does he have to give away all of his own belongings and wealth, like Buddha did, to be a good guy? Does he actually have to be unsuccessful and struggling and poor to be a good guy? Does he have to be unsuccessful and struggling and misunderstood to be cool? Ha.

I knew some guys who were doctors and they were becoming very wealthy off saving other people's lives, but the people who had to pay for their services were struggling and sometimes going without treatments because the doctors were charging such high amounts and getting wealthier and wealthier. This scenario is still happening in parts of the American health care system. This seems bad to me.

Justice and equality are good words that I want to uphold in my daily life. 

If I could help someone else manifest prosperity in their own life, would their prosperity be taking anything away from anyone else?

Let's just say that the person I help is an artist of some kind and they become successful with their art.

If they don't hurt anybody to the best of their knowledge along the way, do they get to be successful and have abundance in their lives and not feel guilty and not go to Hell when they die?

Do they have to give it all away, or can they have a beautiful sacred life of God's abundance and live out their days in comfort and joy?

There was a pear tree full of perfect ripe pears in Heike's garden where I stayed in Germany last month. Perfect with no pesticides, no contaminants. Heike had given the tree lots of encouragement and love for many years and now the pear tree was giving it's all. We could go to the tree and take enough pears to make a tart, or take one pear to eat on the spot. The tree offered it's bounty to us. When the pears were all harvested and the tree was bare, the tree would certainly not mourn. The beautiful brave little tree would have the faith and wisdom to know that another Spring would come, another summer would come, another season of ripe pears would come. The tree manifested it's own wealth and bounty from the Sun and the Earth.

The pear tree lives a perfect life. All good. No guilty conscience. The pear tree creates and then shares unconditionally and with no holding back. The pear tree is given all it needs by Heike and by God and the pear tree bears fruit. The pear tree is not ashamed to be covered in the delicious delectable perfect pears, decked out head to toe in it's own splendor. And the pear is not afraid when it gives everything it's got for a few short weeks, gives everything it worked to create over it's lifetime, over the past year. The pear tree knows there will be more, and it will revel in it's own productivity in this time, in the peak of it's life. The pear tree will grow old, the pear tree will die. Why not be fabulous while it can be? How dare the pear tree not be fabulous when it is a child of God and it's life is a gorgeous gift to the world? 




Courtney August 30, 2018 @11:15 pm
Heike! I miss you and your garden! Please give the pear tree an extra hug from me❤️
Heike August 30, 2018 @03:37 pm
I'm proud to have this tree in my garden. The wind was strong the last few days, so many pears fall down: big, yellow and sweet. I took them all and made pearjuice out of them with full sunpower. One bottle I will keep for you until you come back. Lots of love from me and my pears. Heike
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