if you work hard and don't worry what will happen?

I am working hard every day right now.

I suppose saying you're working hard might be like telling other people that you're a nice person; the person you're saying that to will think to themselves that they will decide for themselves whether you're nice or not.

Hard working is not an expression I would ever have used for myself, but other people have been using that expression about me, so I'm considering it.

Hard work, for me, has always been things like carrying twenty bags of mulch up a hill to add to my garden in the Springtime.

I used to live in a house with a big garden up on a hill in the back. When I think of "hard work" I think of bringing up the mulch.

With the mulch, whether I used my awesome little Vermont style wheel barrow (that I have in Rob's yard now) or whether I carried a bag or two at a time on my shoulders, it was just as hard because the hill was steep.

The garden itself was not what I would call "hard work" because I loved being out there so much, I loved the plants, the turtles, the woodchuck mother and her babies who came to eat sugar snap peas off the vines. I loved that my children grew up in all of that, at least for a while.....

So, hard work.

Making songs is not hard work, but making them good is hard work.

"Staying up for days in the Chelsea Hotel writing Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands for you."~Monsieur Dylan

Until you've stayed up for days writing a fucking monumental tribute to the one you love you maybe haven't truly experienced "hard work".

I haven't stayed up for days doing anything ever.

The harder I work though the better my life gets.

Yesterday I busked in downtown Minneapolis, and yes it was raining.

I did not cancel.

I really really really needed the money because tomorrow is June first and a couple of bills are due.

I am sorry to report that I am living close enough to the brink of ruin that money from busking had to be deposited today, but that's the truth.

On the other hand, while I was worrying earlier this month that there wouldn't be enough money by June first to cover my bills, low and behold the busking opportunity came through and now there is enough!

I didn't need to worry, but I did need to keep working hard.

The worrying didn't help at all.

The bottom line for me is that spending all of my time writing books, writing songs, editing my manuscripts for publication, recording songs for others to hear, doing tons and tons of self promotion that is necessary to get the word out, setting up shows from here to Timbuktu and everywhere in between, traveling to all the shows everywhere and playing the performances.......these activities are a privilege and a joy because I'm so grateful I am able to go forth as an artist.

These activities don't feel like hard work most of the time.

They feel like the dream come true.


Josephine Lane June 01, 2018 @01:23 pm
I admire that you have the energy and persistence to fight the fight and carry on until the rainbow appears. It is the only way it will happen.
Courtney May 31, 2018 @04:46 pm
Blake, thank you for your comment. "Success is no accident" is probably a statement that all successful humans agree with and that all unsuccessful humans dispute. The struggle is real.
Blake D. May 31, 2018 @10:52 am
I'm not a big inspirational quote guy. Back in the heyday of the mall, all of the Successories posters hanging on the wall in brass frames at Things Remembered made me cringe. Today, inspirational messages posted on FB walls make me cringe. But fútbol/soccer immortal Pelé pretty much nailed it... “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do” It's the "learning, studying" and "love of...learning to do" that make this quote worthy of sharing here, posting on a FB wall, or framing in brass and hanging in the den. #righton #rockgoddessonduty
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