if you never got what you needed

If you never got what you needed, there's still time.

I don't think you can get it by sitting on the psychotherapist's couch, but maybe that can't hurt either.

My daughter Nina is inspiring me right now by showing that you can come home again and you can insist that you become the glorious piece of ripening fruit that you were meant to be.

I wrote a small handmade book (the series continues) this morning about this topic.

The little book is called "If You Never Got What You Needed" and I wasn't sure where it was going when I started writing it at 6am but by 7am it was finished.

It ended up saying that you can be an avocado that ripens and brings it's destiny to culmination just by yourself on your own because everything you need is all around you.

You are no different from the tree who soaks up the sun and the rain.

Soak it all up and become who you were meant to be.

I don't know, maybe it's impossible for some, maybe they've been thwarted beyond repair.

But I think just about any living mind can expand and flourish.

It's a big topic, but I fit it all into one of my tiny Moleskine books and it'll be for sale at the show tonight, well, and every night until the rightful owner steps up and claims it as their own.

These things are meant to be.

I believe it.

Okay, one more thing......

a delightful miracle last night.....

yesterday I told you that Peter Himmelman's manager invited me to open for Peter on 3/31 in Minneapolis......


last night I was playing a for profit solo show at the airport in Minneapolis....

not necessarily the most rewarding gig but it was actually very rewarding in many many ways last night with many wonderful interactions with travelers.....

but the most wondrous of all was a man in an interesting hat watching me through several songs with great curiosity and intent who turned out to be none other than Peter Himmelman who was passing through the airport en route to another city....

and he's never actually seen me perform......

and apparently the Powers That Be decided that should be rectified before I open for him later this month....

thankfully he liked what I was doing.

Isn't life grand?

Love to you today and all great blessings upon you.


Courtney Yasmineh March 07, 2019 @10:52 am
Blake and Allison, yes to all this. So weird. So cool. Love you guys for caring.
Allison March 07, 2019 @02:01 am
PLUS — you saw his book on my coffee table last Friday! ;-)
Blake D. March 06, 2019 @09:00 am
T-O-T-A-L-L-Y Brilliant!!!
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