I went to the Northwoods for two days and it was glorious

I just got back from the Great North Country.

I went up for three days with Rob to a visit a friend who lives alone on a small island on a lake in the summertime.

I wish, of course, that I could have stayed longer.

I got in a canoe and headed out one morning by myself, which is what I did as a child and as a teenager for many long hours on Lake Vermilion.

You can bring an old guitar and a notebook and you can write songs floating in the shadows along the shoreline in a small bay with a virgin shoreline, never marred by human occupation, just the round lake stones, the green moss, the ferns, the tall grasses, the birches reaching up fresh and white.

You can step out into the cold clear water along the shore, holding your canoe by it's rope like it's your pet horse, and you can walk in the fine off white sand, feeling it luxuriate beneath your toes, feeling the water rejuvenate your ankles. You can see all the tiny fresh water shells, the smooth rocks, the tiny crayfish.

This is who I was again for a brief moment this early summer. 

Tonight, a show at 6pm at the Aster Cafe.

Later this week a songwriter workshop at the Chicago Public Library in Flossmore, plus a show with Rob at the Blue Island Brewery in Chicago.

This coming Saturday, a special house concert in Minneapolis.

In the meantime, this morning my car has to make it to the dealership because the engine is missing and the engine light is flashing furiously.

We're lucky to have made it home from the Great North at all!



Courtney June 20, 2018 @06:34 am
Josephine, your comment is great! Canoes are better than cars, for sure! And probably true statement about the men too! Haha!
Josephine Lane June 18, 2018 @06:33 pm
I'm impressed you go alone in the canoe. The last time I did that I thought it was too much work by myself. It was windy that day though. I might have to try again one of these days. Sorry about your car troubles. It seems several people I know are having car troubles right now including me. I told my mechanic cars are like men. You can't live with them, you can't live without them.
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