"I Love It" is the best reason

I'm going with "I Love It" as my best reason for anything and everything this season and into the new year.

I am training my mind to think in terms of "what do I love?" as often as I can remember to ask that question.

If I love it, I'm going to pursue it.

"I Love It" as a reason really helps me get the right feeling about my motives for everything I do.

I have read Derek Sivers' articles about saying "Hell Yeah or No" to everything.

He is the founder of CDBaby (which he has since sold), a company I work with a lot in my music. 

He says if you can't say "hell yeah" you should say "no".

I agree.

So I am asking myself what I want to plan for 2019 for my musical career and I am saying to myself, if you can truly say "I Love That!" then pursue it and let that reason be good enough.

I think putting "LOVE" into the equation as first and foremost priority is a way to stay focused on the right things, the best things, the healthy things.

Tomorrow night is my concert at the Mini Cooper dealership in Minneapolis. Well, they have this light blue Mini Cooper with a larger back storage area and all wheel drive and I LOVE it.

I am thinking about a Mini Cooper endorsement for my tour to SXSW in Austin, Texas in March.

I would LOVE to drive a brand new Mini Cooper for my tour.

I would LOVE to head South in March, playing a concert at every Mini Cooper dealership along the way, playing shows at venues as well of course, in Madison, St. Louis, Nashville, Memphis, and Austin. 

On the way back I would LOVE to play in Santa Fe and Boulder, then Lincoln, then home to Minneapolis.

I would LOVE to have a showcase spot at SXSW to anchor this tour.

I am working on this plan right now, and my fear gets overridden by my LOVE.

Am I good enough?

Will people say yes to my inquiries?

Will I have the finances right?

The answer to each of these fear questions is "I LOVE this so I am going to do everything I can to make it happen".

Where will the confidence and the audacity come from?

The confidence will come from picturing myself in my sponsorship Mini Cooper driving through all that beautiful Southern terrain and playing those wonderful shows for those wonderful people, and me in my favorite cowboy boots, and the warm sun, and my guitars, and the great songs that came out of the South. LOVE.

And the audacity won't be necessary.

LOVE will conquer all.

Dreams do come true.

Here's a photo from my West Coast Tour, Fall 2017, which I LOVED.


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