I keep listening

I am silently listening for the soundtrack to the next part of my journey.

I played a small show last night like I do every Wednesday, and I noticed that I don't have the right songs to sing for people.

This happened to me before I started the High Priestess And The Renegade album.

It has actually happened before each new album.

The songs just don't matter as much, or at least don't have the same immediacy, once they're a couple years old.

It's not about the songs themselves, it's just about me. I keep changing.

I keep having new thoughts about love, money, the state of the world.

So I keep writing new songs to reflect these new thoughts.

Mostly I keep writing new songs so I can be excited about my shows, felling that I have something exciting to say, something exciting to offer.

In my post yesterday I talked about my songwriting being very influenced by the many thoughts about my brother and his life.

Today I am going to continue to think on these thoughts of what it feels like to be an artist, what it feels like to lose a brother, what it feels like to love the world and want the best for everyone.

Have a beautiful day any way you possibly can.

Be the beauty in your life and make it good for yourself.

Tonight I play the Auk's Roost in Minneapolis. It'll be a cool show. I'm the opener for a touring artist and I love that. The info is on my calendar. You should come if you're able.


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