I didn't get the grant

Over the winter I applied for a McKnight Fellowship writer's grant.

I got the email yesterday saying I didn't get it.

I laid down on the air mattress in my daughter's studio apartment between the sofa and the bed which is my place to sleep for these five nights of the tour, and I cried.

It was for $25,000 and I would have been on easy street.

Well, maybe Easy Street is not in the cards for me...yet...apparently.

And let's face it, that amount was not going to permanently change my circumstances.

And let's face it, if I suddenly did receive the amount that would permanently change my circumstances it might wreck my career.

Staying hungry is a real thing in this line of work.

I got my dream and it's a big one, and I need all the motivation I can muster.

Fear of poverty is a decent motivator in and of itself.

Couple that with fear of having to give up on my very vivid dream... of standing on the Newport Folk Festival Stage next year, and singing a duet with Bob Dylan, (those could be one or two separate events)....

and I've got myself some big serious motivation that in the end has nothing to do with getting a McKnight Fellowship for creative writing.

Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Dolly Parton...those guys probably didn't get a fellowship like that ever either.


Who needs it?

Not me.

I'm kicking ass out here on the open road.

Life is too short to be little.

The beat goes on.

No writer's grant is going to save me or stop me.

Saturday's show is at Berkeley Untapped which is a cute little brewery and distillery in Denver.

See you there, or see you soon where ever you are!

At this writing, we are $130 from completing our extremely helpful tour funding campaign.

Help wrap this up and get us home to Minneapolis at:


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