I caught one!

This morning I did what I've been saying I would do.

My children are all back in their own lanes, at least temporarily.

Rob and my little dog are asleep upstairs.

The house is silent.

All is as it should be in the Heavens and on Earth, at least from the vantage point of this chair where I sit with all my favorite stuff.

I got the coffee, I got the guitar.

I got the notebook and the nice pen.

I got this here laptop to write this here blog post to you my dear reader.

Life is good!

So, the great news is I woke up at six and I said to myself, "You are going to write a song before you do anything else."

I went downstairs.

Okay, I made the cup of coffee first, but whatever.

I sat right down in my velvet and fringe kimono which I am wearing over my very racy little black lingerie set with red embroidered roses, yep that's what I'm wearing and I ain't gonna apologize about it, and just in case you're curious, the bra is a 32DD, and I'm not apologizing about that either. Also, I've literally worn that bra size since I was about thirteen years old. No wonder why I been in trouble all my life.

I sat down and I wrote a song. Yep, I did. And it's not a bad one because two hours later I can still remember how it goes.

Okay, so the world is off to a good start from the vantage point of my chair right now.

Today I have a songwriter consulting session at 12:30 with a guy in Minneapolis who has his own band and is coming to me to learn whatever I know about it all that maybe he doesn't know. I know a few things he doesn't know, but he knows a lot already, and as usual with my consulting sessions, I have probably learned as much from him each time as he has learned from me. They say the best way to learn something is to teach it to others. Agree.

Later today one of my very very favorite fan/friend/supporters is coming over to visit for the evening. She and I are going to do what we always do when she comes over to Rob's house, we have a pow wow over everything that's happening. She's always very insightful for me as I give her my state of the union address about how my artistic life is progressing, interwoven with how my personal life is either enhancing or getting in the way of my creativity. Tonight I'll probably play her some of my new material on my guitar and get her first impressions. Also, she and I have children the same ages so we compare notes about all of that as well, and we've known each others' children since they were born. SHe's great at talking about the children too.

This is going to be fun!

I hope whatever you do today is awesome.

I love you, I really do.

Thanks for reading.

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