How Private to keep this

I've been writing a daily entry here for a couple of weeks now.

I can't tell yet how much to publicize it or whether to let these daily musings be found by the person who takes the time to look more closely at my website.

Yesterday's harmless little post about fixing up Rob's front porch seems to have lost me some followers on twitter and instagram.


I don't usually lose followers on social media. Not even when I post political comments, not even when I use swear words. 

So weird! I think that the photo of a porch I posted on Instagram seemed lame af possibly because it isn't the actual porch I'm working on, it was a stock photo from the internet. Also, it was a little blurry and Instagram doesn't look cool when it's blurry. 

Also, and this is not my personal opinion but could be the opinion of some, cute old front porches aren't cool.

Cute front porches and photos of cute front porches are for decorating magazines and dorky lifestyle magazines.

Cute front porches are not for rock goddesses and international superstars.

Do you think it was just the poor quality of the photo or do you think it was the subject matter as well that made some people hit their unfollow button?

Answers accepted below.

Either way, I see the bigger question being whether I should continue my new practice of writing the morning blog, attaching a photo to it, then posting the photo and the blog link on all of my social media pages. I will keep writing the blog posts either way but I could stop posting about them on my social media pages.

One good thing about posting the photo every day is it makes my pages look more diversified because the photos now are everything from an old guitar to a first Robin Red Breast to a porch full of flowers. Usually my social media pages are filled with pictures and videos of me in live performances plus announcements of shows and reviews and radio airplay. 

I started this daily blog in part to make a daily connection with fans who I sometimes only see once a year on tour, but who know me as a person not only as a performer. I know already that some of these fans are enjoying the daily connection and even if they don't read this religiously every day they like that they can pop in and see what I'm up to.

So for me it is not a question of whether I should keep writing about anything and everything including front porches.

It's more a question of how to make sure I am doing everything in my capabilities to build relationships and widen awareness of myself in the world as an artist and that I'm not turning people away by careless errors like blurry stock photos. Blurry stock photos.

For this morning, let's try this actual photo of the porch I'm working on in mid spruce up.......and let's see how it's received.



Courtney April 24, 2018 @05:15 pm
Thanks Jeff! I think there may be more pictures of this porch forthcoming!
Jeff Parkman April 24, 2018 @01:07 pm
I wouldn't worry about a few less which are probably statistically irrelevant. I enjoy reading your blog. The porch looks like a nice place to sit and have a good conversation with a friend or just to sit and enjoy nature and the day.
Courtney April 24, 2018 @10:10 am
Well, Jennifer, there isn’t a subscribing component here. And I don’t email about the blog at all. So maybe the answer is to keep writing daily because I like to, but don’t put the link and photo on social media every day. That may be the solution!
Jennifer Volkman April 24, 2018 @09:06 am
Good morning dear! I have no explanation for you. Maybe people were following for awhile and decided daily was too frequent? I don't know how it works. People actually have to subscribe and unsubscribe? I work diligently to minimize my email load. It could be that if there is an email notice with each blog posting that people know where it is at and dont need a daily reminder, so they opted out? That's all I got! Have a great day sweetie!
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