house concerts rule

I played a house concert out in the country yesterday, out on a Vermont style farmstead in Minnesota.

The hosts were excellent people.

The woman of the house designed the invitations and keepsake bookmarks she passed out throughout the evening, all with a Solstice theme, and all with an emphasis on female energy. There was talk during the evening of a shift in our society toward the power of the feminine. 

The man of the house opened the show with a rousing collection of his own songs played and sung in a frank and no frills way that I loved.

Rob came along and played the show with me which always makes my music more dynamic than I can make it on my own.

There was a great colorful turn out of many guests, people of all ages and yet all ageless together, all joyful revelers of the evening and the music, the food and wine.

The sunset was still and serene as we played, and later the fireflies came out.

I was so reminded of a life I once had on the Connecticut River in a little farmhouse built in the 1700's in Vermont.

I had two baby girls there and at night we could watch the fireflies from the little girls' bedroom.

Strange how life keeps moving just the way the Connecticut River outside my house did then, and just the way the Mighty Mississippi rolls past me now on my morning walks.

My God, how mystical the life of the world.

Love and Gratitude.

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