hope springs eternal

I read something where a songwriter was talking in a defeated sort of wistful way about how being a songwriter and recording artist is like being a gambler.....always hoping that next album, that next song, that next tour is going to finally clinch it and make you a rich superstar.


I don't like how that feels at all.

Too cynical for me.

That way of looking at it reminds me of the male characters in all of the Star Is Born movies.

The songwriter guy who drinks too much and seems like his career is just about over all the time.

I think the best way to distance yourself from that feeling, whatever your career, is to be healthy in your daily lifestyle and to be diligent in your daily efforts toward your career.

Diligence is "carefulness and persistent effort and a belief that work is good in itself".

I want to add that your persistence and your diligence should include a determination to always improve.

It's not just dig the ditch at the same rate in the same way and eventually you will get to China.

It's probably, build yourself a better flying machine, and eventually you'll make one that can fly you all the way to China in comfort and style. (If you're reading this outside the US, you get the idea).

I'm going to work on my small books again. My goal is to print a set of them that can be shared over and over instead of just only one handmade copy of each title. This would be great.

I'm going to write songs in styles that I am inspired by, based on other songs I hear, to challenge and delight myself.

I'm going to write the second half of my third novel and keep praying for a publisher for my book two about our girl Sidney.

And I'm going to keep playing these great great great shows that are a rich source of joy and humility for me right now.

See you tonight at the house concert in St. Paul, or see you soon at another show!

Here's a photo from my first night back at the Underground this past week.

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